Im fairly new here, I want to learn how to promote my online courses, 15+ years exp Australia based

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Hey all,

I have been a member for a while though i have not really got to involved in the fourms.

I have create a website with some courses that are based around selling on Amazon (it is not so big yet in Australia, though i think it will grow) since they are doing a ton of ads on Australian TV.

I also have a course based around dropshipping, but it is more focused on finding a local wholesaler, then asking if they will dropship for you, so selling local products marked up.

I did not like the whole ship from Aliexpress model, wait 28 days for your order crap, just me but i like my products shipped to me fast.

What is the best place on here to learn how to promote an online course, I am ok will paying to get it out to the masses.

I don't have much experience with promoting a course, I only made it as a reflection of what I am doing, e.g. making money online, so my knowledge gets passed on.

Whats the best place on here to really push an online course. I am confident in it as I know it works, but I would also like some help in tweaking the landing page and conversion rate.

I am doing adsens remarketing with clicks, but as you know you have to be over 1000 valideted users before they will show. I have that though not enough are converting.
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    have you checked udemy? it is a platform for online courses, it is very popular and can be a profitable solution
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    Yes, I would suggest leveraging your courses on other platforms with traffic while building your own educational site.

    As mentioned above, Udemy to get it off the ground and tweaking things.

    Then, you may consider using affiliate marketing for building traffic to your site and close sales:

    Contact influencers in your niche - offer articles, video interviews / podcasts, etc.

    Since you are keen on local sourcing, try local meetups and other groups once social distancing is no longer an obstacle.
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    I think you should register on udemy and also other platform like enavto market etc .But its ideal to build your own audince .For example search where people are in your niche related to your course ,then register to forums ,youtube ,blogs quora etc .Start by creating helpful content in your niche and answer people question then you start recomend to people your product .If you help people and make them trust you you will get some sales
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    There are very different methods depending on what quality and price-point you aim for.

    For example, a really high quality course of video modules, with really good support (such as on a private FB group) with plenty of real results and testimonials, can sell for $500 to $5k using webinars.

    The process would be to create the course and the webinar (there are a lot of marketing tricks for webinars, each of which will improve conversions a bit more), and get it tested yourself, such as by using FB ads (there are lots of experts who specialise in FB ads for webinars).

    If you get competitive stats, then you can go to a webinar JV manager and they will get owners of big mailing-lists that they work with to promote your webinar, for a commission (typically 50%).

    Some new courses have achieved a million dollars in sales in 70 days, using this approach.

    Or, for lower price-point, you can create the course, get it set up as a WSO, or on JVZoo, ClickBank, Warrior+ etc. and do a launch. There are lots of places you can announce your launch date, including MunchEye and a bunch of "JV" FaceBook Groups.

    If you can get some affiliates with big lists (or who are experts at paid traffic) then you can get a lot of sales initially.

    Either method requires doing a lot of things really well . . . if your webinar doesn't convert as well as other webinars then list owners won't promote it. FB ads might still be an option, since the experts often get around 8X ROI, so even at a quarter of that you're still profitable. If you just break-even, you're still building an email list (each person who registers is on your list), which you can use to promote other people's webinars that do convert really well.

    Or you can even just find suitable people on FB Groups (or here), get to know them a bit and tell them about the webinar, and if it converts at all, you'll get some sales (for a lot of effort!).

    There are experts you can work with, on each stage of each of these approaches. For example, there are experts who will improve your webinar registration page. There are experts who can improve your webinar conversion. Or experts who can improve your low-ticket sales-copy, etc.

    There are a LOT of launches, and some, even with help by "launch experts", still get zero sales.

    Another approach would be to build your own email list, which you can then promote your own product to, followed by a continuous stream of other people's affiliate products. This can be a great long-term strategy, and will get you income even if your own courses don't sell well.

    Hope this gives you some ideas !

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    Very good info thanks!

    I'm also new here and have similar concern, I'm struggling to decide which of two courses to start first (I am a genuine real expert with 30yrs experience in two completely different fields). One of my courses would be in a blue ocean (nobody is doing good high ticket courses in that niche), but my powers of persuasion for the live webinar maybe won't be as good as I could make the webinar for my other course, which would have mind blowing concepts in that webinar, without having to give away tactics. Trouble with that course is it is in a red ocean niche. RE combined with Personal dev. Tons of courses on that, but my webinar would be way better than any because I have illustrations for a heros journey that will knock socks off.

    So I have this difficult choice. Go into a nice blue ocean without the best webinar or go into red ocean with a fantastic webinar. I suppose the long term is to do both but I'm limited on cash at the moment want to have some for ad spend and work on tweeking the webinar live until it's really perfect.
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