Would you prefer a work at home business or a work at home job? Why?

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I like both ideas, but it seems as though there's a time and a place for each. I'm more for a business, but if it's not working out right now a job is definitely what I would seek until the business succeeds.
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    there are advantages and disadvantages for both of them, but in the long term the business will always win if you do it right so for me the business is the preferred option
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    If done right a business is a lot more money for a lot less work.
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    Me i like the idea of work from home job as these motivates me to work hard as in a real work .Instead of a home business where i procrastinate all the time
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  • Much less pressure and worry if you're a remote employee I guess. But after four years of being a business owner I've gotten used to the pressure and worry and when I weigh the advantages of it against being an employee... I can't imagine no longer owning my own business. My financial destiny and freedom are in my own hands and I just don't think you can beat that.

    That said, they both beat the cubicle - hands down!
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  • You can start with online jobs to start making money online, but then quickly transition into starting your own online business.

    Like for example you can work for a SEO agency providing SEO services. You then invest your money you earn from doing SEO tasks into doing SEO courses, so you can learn all you can about Search Engine Optimization and eventually open your own SEO agency.
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    I'm personally better suited as a self-employed solo business than a work at home employee of someone else's business. Of course, you could also have a business that you ran from home with others involved in working as your employees as well. It really depends on how you're individually wired and what you value. There's also nothing wrong with working for someone else from home, learning the ropes, and then becoming self-employed and working your way up to owning a business employing others from home. I've been self-employed for over 20 years and it fits me very well.

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    Warriors do their own thing. Everybody cannot be one.
    And if you need somebody to tell you what to do, provide
    you with guidance and plan your day, you are not one.
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    In today's time, it varies from person to person. One might like to work from home business others can go for work from home jobs. I like to work from home business as working and putting as much hard work as that one will lead to business growth and high revenue.
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    I prefer to be my own boss so I would always pick the work at home business. No one breathing over your neck or yelling at you
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    Hi Ishmael,

    Why don't you search for a work at home jobs like a remote job on indeed.com, angel.co, or do a google search remote-jobs there you'll find full-time and part-time jobs. If a tip from me if you take a remote part-time job so you can work from home you can start a side hustle business
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