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Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing good!

The reason for me returning and logging back into WarriorForum is that I need people help and advice about something that I am struggling with and none of these BS videos on the internet are have not helped in the slightest and i'm getting frustrated at how misleading a lot of this information is.

Work slowed down for me a while back (I work as a live gig engineer for a small PA company) but I have been able to get close to what I need per month for my keep and other basic expenses and any money that was missing I could dip into my (very little) savings. (if I had made £250 from any work I done I could get the extra £50 needed from money I had saved). I am basically at the end of it now and how no more to spend. I am also not getting much, if any, work as a music engineer anymore so I am worried about being able to pay what I need to pay.

My question for everyone is...is there a way what I can make £300 per month online? I have quite a bit of time in the day but don't have the 'time' to set up something that will start to see a return in say 6 months time. Also as stated above I obviously don't have the capital to start the typical 'online business'

The things that I have tried and put the time into but they don't cut the mustard are:

Matched Betting - managed to make about £600-£700 which went straight into my savings to be able to 'top up' on my monthly expenses when needed

Usertesting - started a account with usertesting and done all of the basic rating tests and got a 5 star rating. I done a few tests and thought it was great but it turns out that you don't qualify for as many tests as these people state (out of about 40 tests I qualified for about 2). This is due to me not using certain software or applying for loans in the last 6 months etc (if you've done usertesting then you know what i'm talking about)

SquadHelp - basically a competition to win money so that was a mistake...

Rev/ Textbroker - I was born and bred in England (and still live here) but I obviously still need to master the English language (aha) because I failed both exams.

Also things that people have told me about but I haven't tried are:

Online survey's - I would honestly sit there and do surveys if I would be about to make £300 per month from them but all forums I've read say you are lucky to make £30-£40 per month doing them and you need to be doing them 10 hours a day 30 days a month and well with that I would have to spend that £30-£40 on electricity!!.

Fivver - this would be good but I have no...skills that people might need.

Sorry for this long post but I just wanted to get all information out there and hopefully someone can suggest something that would help me and hopefully others that may read this.


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    You are asking for a magic button - you waited untl you are almost broke - you have time but then list things you can't do....you want money now.

    Freelancing (Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc) is the fastest way to earn money but you say you don't have any skills.

    I admit I have no clue what a 'live gig engineer' is but is there something you know or have trained in that you could use online? You seem to have tried ecommerce (previous posts) - and several 'get rich quick' schemes.

    If you can't find work offline in a field you have experience in - it won't be any easier making money online started with nothing. That is reality. I'd advise you to start with the thread below. READ IT, read the comments in the thread - read the other (ebay) thread it links to. That is what it takes.


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    Hello Bertie,

    IMO most of the things you have listed such as testing and
    taking surveys are major time-wasters. I doubt that you will
    ever make enough money doing those types of things to
    cover the cost of anything significant like paying a bill or
    your rent.

    There are hundreds of ways to make money online but most
    of them require some sort of knowledge and setup. I've been
    online for 20+ years, tried many things, learned by doing, read
    a lot of books, attended seminars, etc. and I have made money
    so I know it can be done. But I don't think that anyone is going
    to come along and tell you exactly how you can make money
    online because we don't know your interests or capabilities.

    You need to take some time to assess your situation, evaluate
    your marketable skills, and figure out what you need to learn
    and what you can do online to earn income. You are the only
    person who can do that.
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    You can make much more than £300 per month online. I've done it, and plenty of other people do it as well.

    The thing with making money online is that there are a lot of opportunities, and that can seem confusing. You see, if you try one thing today, another thing next week and so on, you'll never get to that point where you make money with something.

    The reality is that it takes hard work and persistance to develop something worth getting paid for. Everything takes time.

    So, here's the hard part.

    You need to find something you like doing. I know, it's not easy. I've tried YouTube, blogging, web designing, affiliate marketing and a lot of other things before I found my passion.

    And I guess the majority of people that succeed online tried different things before finding that thing they love doing.

    After you find it, it's much easier to focus on that specific thing, find people that already make money with it and replicate their actions, learn to become better etc.

    Knowledge comes from action, so you'd have to go out there and try different things and see what you like. No one on WF can tell you what that thing is for you, you have to find it yourself.

    But don't be surprised that when you knock on the door of opportunities, hard work is the one answering.

    Good luck!
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    You have just written an article. You are native english speaker. Use the hourglass method and become a freelance article writer.
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      Originally Posted by Vesuvio View Post

      You have just written an article. You are native english speaker. Use the hourglass method and become a freelance article writer.
      Huge +1

      Article writing is a good side income and you can get started right now.

      Though, I would suggest to choose a niche a press articles/releases instead - this is where the money is.

      Best of success!
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    From what I understand, one of the quickest ways to do it would be to buy email lists and then promote CPA offers.

    I'm working on trying to figure out the easiest and simplest solution to do that myself.
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    Well you can make it but the thing with online business ,affiliate marketing you need to work hard and need to have a lot of patience .Its not like a job where you work hour per day as an example and at the end of the day you get paid .In affiliate marketing for example you culd spend months of working and you can make 50$ and its very fustrating .If you want to work hard then i advise you with youtube as it converts better in my opinion .The thing its you need to create a channel in a specific niche and add value videos and recommend an offer in the end of the videos .Or you can make review videos about affiliate products
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    Originally Posted by BertieBoy View Post

    I am also not getting much, if any, work as a music engineer anymore
    Help me understand this a bit more. I have a few friends that are "Sound Engineers" and they come in varying degrees right? I have 1 friend that is more focused on the interior space and shaping the sound for booths etc and then I have other friends that use Pro Tools or Logic Pro and basically "polish" a recording.

    Where in this do you fall? Do you have Pro Tools and or Logic Pro? do you have a sound effects library that most would die for?

    I don't know your work history as a Music Engineer - but there has to be something there that can translate into a Fiverr Gig or the like.

    So if you could explain that experience a bit... that would be great
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I would never suggest doing useless things like surveys , usertesting etc..

    you will work a lot and get almost nothing in return..

    thats just not worth it.

    use your time and learn the skills to start a profitable affiliate marketing business..

    because the reality is you can not make $300 within a short amount of time without knowing and learning what to do online.

    even if you would have a skill for fiverr, it can take months until you get your first order.

    therefore the sad reality for you: search for an offline job to make quick extra money, and whilst doing that, learn skills, learn how to be successful with an online business

    Good luck and believe in yourself:-)
    STOP getting confused and lied to. Click Here to get the best book about affiliate marketing out there.
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    Go through your stuff and find things you can sell that you don't use anymore.

    Post online ads locally.

    People are paying premium prices now for things like fitness equipment.

    There are also tons of people looking for work at home opportunities (like yourself).

    There are ClickBank products you can promote that connect people with these opportunities.

    Social media management is one example.

    You could put out flyers or online ads for that.

    You just need to find problems people are having and solve them.

    Find out where these people hang out and get their attention.
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    So you want to start making $300 per month. Okay. How fast you need to start making such an amount?

    $300 is not a big deal.
    I think the best approach would be to start selling something.
    If you sell a service or item for $30, you need to make only 10 sales per month, 2-3 sales per week. If you sell $100 product/service, you need to make 3 sales.

    What I suggest is arbitraging. It's like dropshipping, but you would sell digital products, not physical.
    Go to sites such as seoclerk, fiverr, upwork, freelancer. Find some services like content writing, graphic design, logos, seo and so on. Resell these services on other forums, on facebook pages, create instagram page, twitter and sell for a higher price. You can create a youtube video and put your advertising so you would use a free traffic source.

    Create a website, instal and configure a theme which would be suitable for selling digital marketing services, order a professional logo, make the site professional and resell any type of service.

    This could lead you into not just $300 per month business, but into $3000 per month business pretty fast.
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    Here is a simple formula:
    Go to ebay or amazon, and search for popular products.
    Most sellers don't sell their own products, they get it from somewhere, so try to find a manufacturer of that product, search google for the product name, model # , etc.
    Contact manufacturer and ask if they sell wholesale or do dropshipping, if they don't maybe they can give you some contacts.
    So just look for suppliers of popular products and do what the other sellers are doing.
    For example right now cool face masks are selling good, in a few months something else will, keep an eye on new trends, act fast to find suppliers and just post for sale on ebay, classified ads, locally. Most will do dropshipping so you don't need investment or pay them before you get payment from your customers.
    Some people get lucky and hit jackpot with a product, the right timing, some new trend and they make a lot of money without any skills or internet marketing knowledge.
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    Hi Bertie.

    There are many ways to make money online. Hands down the best way is affiliate marketing. It doesn't require any product purchasing, support, costs, and it neither has country restrictions or age restrictions. You can make much more than £300 per month and you can still spend quality time with your family. You just need to start.

    The other popular options I've heard are:
    Marketing Agency
    Stock Trading
    Real Estete
    ... which all either cost money, or other costs involved.

    There's a great free training on how to get started as an affiliate here:
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