Structure by Categories Pages, but the same name Categories for each Brand or Country is good?

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I wonder if structure my topic about travel into categories and sub-categories like:
- Country 1 -> Sub-category: Place, Food, Air Plane ...
- Country 2 -> Sub-category: Place, Food, Air Plane ...
- Country 3 -> Sub-category: Place, Food, Air Plane ...
- Brand 1 -> Sub-category: Bag, Hat,...
- Brand 2 -> Sub-category: Bag, Hat,...
I see it good for my site structure.
But It means the sub-category's name is the same for all and Is it good for SEO?
Please give me an advice!
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    I don't see any problems just go ahead and wait the feedback. Just try to make your visitors enjoy with your page structures.
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    It doesn't matter at all for SEO.
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    Thank you all!
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    Since you can have each post in multiple Categories, do both

    If you want an advanced technique to improve your SEO results, do some research on siloing, which helps SEO if you have different sections of the same website with different topic areas.

    Hope that helps !

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    Not enough information here but if your sub category is the universal one for all other categories maybe consider to make it the root path for all topics.

    Ex: TLD/sub-category/category/etc
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