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Hi there. I have double H1 tags on every page is what I realized. It seems this is coming with the WP template I'm using. I have a product - Hostel and have created blog section which is getting filled with new content with the day. Each new blog post has a new url-page. Do I need to do anything with double H1 tag or that does not impact SEO that much as google bots nowadays do crawl anything, right? Most of the SE traffic comes direct, which I cannot figure out from where and want to have the organic moving...Much appreciate the feedback in advance...
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    It is recommended to do something with the double H1 tags, as Google will get confused regarding which H1 really represent you.

    If I remember correctly, the Yoast plugin has a solution for this.
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  • Using multiple H1 tags on a web page or blog post will reduce the SEO value of the keyword(s) in the tags. The Yoast SEO plugin has a feature that will flag multiple H1 tags on a page and then give you the option to remove them.
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    you should use mixed such as two H1 and two H2 and two H3 to you should to do every sub heading design with this mixed tags if you use mixed your on page seo is properly impact of your seo ranking and another thing I recommend you should used to yoast to completing your on-page because it will properly rank your page.Thank you
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    It's okay if you use several H1 tags on the page in case it is necessary to build the logical structure of the content, for example, as headings. I would not recommend abusing this tag, and if there is an opportunity to fix it, then proceed.
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    As per a general rule, it is better to stick with one H1 tag only. Having multiple H1 tags are not considered good for SEO. You should use H1 tag only one time for your post title and the other tags like H2, H3 can be used multiple times on a web page.

    H1 - Use it only one per page, and it should be the same as your Title tag. Also, you should include your major Keyword for the page.

    H2 - Use it three or less.

    H3 - It's Unlimited and you can use these tags as descriptive words for the H1 and H2 Tags.
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    heading tags, especially H1 are always important. H1 must be used once within a page while H2 can be used multiple times.

    Please visit Google webmaster's video for heading tags here-
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    no way it will work with several H1 tags. Google likes the structure of the page, so giving them not the very structured page will lead to worse results. Try to remove double H1 or change the template.
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