Using email to create long lasting B2C relationships

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A sale to a loyal customer costs 5 times less than to a new one. Loyal customers spend more than new ones.

Easy way to "create and maintain a B2C relationship" is email.

Email marketing is a good part of a long term business strategy.

There are different email promotion types.

Good email promotion type is a returning customer freebie. Returning customer freebies help to create a special bond between the customer and the business. These kind of discounts get the client closer with the business and help to keep the client buying with the business and not going elsewhere.

I myself, am subscribed to few awesome businesses and I love getting freebies from them in the email. Sometimes it's a new song or a new video. It's a bit special and fun.

I recommend to implement a freebie strategy by email for loyal clients to any business.
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    Well, the freebies have to be worth something. I would caution against freebies for the sake of freebies.
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    Thanks for the update
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    Eventually all customers churn, so while it's most profitable to just keep them, you need new customers all the time.

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    Yes, email marketing can help you create lasting relationships with your customers.

    Freebies can be good if they offer something of value to the customer.

    Keep adding new customers along the way.
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