How to build a Sales Funnel ?

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I am new here, due to lock down I am planning to start affiliate marketing to try out new things. I am trying to get into software niche cause i am very familiar with it.
I have been reading a lot on this forum and mostly people are suggesting ,
1. Host a squeeze page with a Lead magnet
2.Get their Emails
3.Setup a Email sequence
4.Promote the offer

I have the technical knowledge to make a squeeze page and connect a email auto-responder to it. But i don't know what to write in the emails of the funnel.

What type of content to write in emails to warm up the audience and then pitch the offer to the audience ?

What should be the emails frequency?

When to promote the offer ?

Basically , What should be the framework for building a Sales funnel ?

Thank you
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    From my own experienced Lead Magnet that works for me was selling my own products. For the free report tell your story what the product impact for you or give step by step simple so can easy to follow. So if your subscribers get golden value and get more desire to buy your products. For your squeeze page, you must think and look from your people what kind of words or to make them give name and email address. For the follow up in the beginning you can brand your profile, let your subscribers know you more. For the hosting things if you are new, you can use Wordpress as your squeeze page. There are many themes that can easy to put your opt-in code from your autoresponder.
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    if you want to create a funnel for your product or services it is very good thought with the help of funnels you can generate higher ROI. If you want create funnel so lead magnet funnel can generate leads for your services. if you dont known how to create a funnel then go to clickbank or leadpages they had already maked some funnels for users.
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    Hello Hitesh,

    You seem to have a good handle on the sales funnel process but
    your order should be more like this:

    1. Research to ensure your niche/product is in demand/profitable
    2. Register a relevant/memorable domain name
    3. Develop your lead magnet
    4. Setup an auto-responder email sequence
    5. Host a squeeze page with your lead magnet
    6. Get their email addresses
    7. Promote the offer

    You can start by using auto-responder PLR and personalizing,
    customizing the content to fit your offer. You can google that,
    it is easy to find. How often you send the emails is up to you
    but you should be consistent. As long as your emails contain
    valuable information people don't mind daily emails, people
    do not like spammy emails that only push your offer no matter
    how often you send them. I recommend developing enough
    emails to cover a 30-day period to start and you can develop
    more as you progress.

    Good luck!!!
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    I am building the list too for promoting my own and affiliate offers and all my follow-ups are written by professional writers who do this long time and know-how and what type of content in follow up is best for people. Follow-ups are very important for your list and good email sequences are they key for your good open rate, good click rate, and good conversions so my advice is to check here on warriors for hire section people who writing such content.
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    There are a bunch of emails you can write to warm up your list.

    1. Write about stories of actual customers. What kind of problems did they have and how did those products improve their lives?
    2. Look at current events and see if there is anything that's newsworthy and how you can relate that to the problem you're trying to solve.
    3. Refer to recent books, shows or movies you've watched, and compare a chapter of a book or a scene to the problem you're trying to solve.
    4. Inject some of your personality into your emails. At the end of the day, people buy from other people. If you're looking for people to buy from you, they'll want to get to know you and trust you on some level.
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  • Signup to atleast 10 other well known internet marketers email lists in your niche, to see the content and frequency in which the emails are delivered to their email lists.

    Every good internet marketer usually creates a swipe file, where you copy and save all the emails sent to you, by the top marketers in your niche.

    Tweak their copy, to make it unique to your product that you are promoting in your sales funnel. Please don't plagiarize their work, you'll get into trouble for that.

    Also try to breakdown their email sequence, so you can understand their reason for doing what they are doing. Don't just copy & paste and hope for the best. Try to reengineering their strategies and make it unique to your online sales funnels.
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