How to find advertisers for my CPA Network

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Hey Warriors,

I have been doing CPA for over 2 years now.
I am a staff member in one of the biggest platforms in the CPA industry.
Now I have created my own CPA network.
I made one hell of a CPA network with a good team of 4 administrators, 9 well trained affiliate managers, 4 chat moderators and I have my first 40 publishers that I took from my previous network.

Please save me the bull**** like "Wow, another dude who wants his own network" or "just stop because you won't make it".

- I already have my network up and running and paid a high quality custom developed tracking system
- I have $500K budget to payout for NET7 , NET15 & NET30 publishers on my network

I have already set up the marketing plan with 2 YouTube influencers in the "Money Making" niche with over 2M+ subscribers and a few small fishes with a few hundred K subs.
I also have Bots for every forum and website (since i am a bot developer)

I am ashamed that I have to ask on a forum like this, but give it to me.
Where will i get HQ advertisers?
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    Originally Posted by BramOTF View Post

    I am ashamed that I have to ask on a forum like this, but give it to me.
    Where will i get HQ advertisers?
    No shame in the game...

    Have to ask.. how did the network you worked for get them?

    Out of the Gary Vaynerchuck playbook would be to know who exactly you are targeting and DM them. When he ( Gary ) generally suggests this method, its not like 5 or 6 DM's its 100's as in 400 600 800. The tone of the conversation should be what can you do for them.

    Are you on LinkedIn? Just start posting ( DAILY ) the benefits of advertising on a network such as yours. Don't sell - Educate. Let them come to you.

    And unfortunately right now I can only imagine the mechanism within an organization that make these types of decisions is a bit fragmented ( working from home and all ) so just PUMP content in the meantime
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    I have had affiliate managers from various networks
    contact me to promote their offers, so wouldn't it be
    the affiliate managers job to recruit new affiliates?
    Perhaps you could pay them (and others) a bonus
    or referral fee for bringing in new affiliates or offer
    the affiliates a performance based sign-up bonus.
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