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Short and simple small business project idea. Very small investment required.

I was watching a micro documentary on YouTube about an american soldier. I saw a quote in the film and got a lightning strike to get the quote and make a poster out of it.

I did a little research on Google about the quote, went to Canva, made the poster, ordered it. The poster is on it's way now.

Now, I want to be an authority in 1 type of quotes, travel the world and sell posters through short stories on YouTube. You can do that too.

If you're upset of not getting any success in making money. Here's the lifestyle idea that I got that requires a very small investment to start. You will need to use the internet and a computer, although an tablet will be ok.

1 type of quotes authority on-line vlogger.

> Focus on one type of quotes. Example: "encouragement", "love", "not giving up".
Browse the web, library books or travel in person where you can to find quotes.

> Make a word document with all the quotes you'll find.
> Create art for the quotes. You can use Canva or any other apps for creating artwork. You can create artwork for web and print.
- How to create art for the quotes: - choose a color for the background, choose the font and a color for the font.
> For each quote, first write a little story of how it is to you and what you find interesting in it. Use this short stories about the quotes to promote your artwork on YouTube, Facebook or a Blog. The simpler the better.
> Set yourself a goal to develop a talent for quotes artwork, short stories about them and become an authority in your chosen type of quotes.
>Learn how to: be consistent, focus, plan a long term project, managing time, tell short stories and promote through 1 channel. Learn on udemy, linkedin learning or other places. You can learn for free at a library.

>Brand your business well and make a good small business plan before starting.
>Reward yourself with gear and prints for yourself with your hustle branding. Like a cool hat.

Important: focus on 1 type of quotes and 1 type of promotional channel.

>Focus and stay consistent. It helps to create long term success. It's very pleasant to meet consistent and focused people who have developed a talent in 1 field over long period of time. If you do become an authority in your field I would love to meet you, skype with you and become friends.

Use your time wisely and find 1 thing to master that you love and can live with your whole life.

It also applies if you're into selling a marketing service.

example: "Love quotes poster's person with a YouTube channel".

Good luck.
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