Tracking Udimi Clicks to Email Buys

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Hey Warriors--

What's the best way to track email sales from a lead-gen campaign?

I feel like there's a much simpler way to do this than I'm currently doing it

Any insight is appreciated!

I have a udimi lead-gen campaign with 6 sellers
I setup 6 unique Clickmagick tracking links for each seller
All links redirect to 1 Clickfunnel's optin page
When the visitor opts in, their email goes to my Autoresponder (Get Response) and they get taken to free content (not a sales page).

I have a high converting email swipe they then go through. This is where the sales happen.

Big Question:
What's the best way to "tag" a subscriber's email with the Udimi seller/entry link so that if a sale ever happens, I know where they started?
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