Best way to promote books?

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I'd like to hear your opinions about increasing book sales of a publishing company. We have an e-commerce website and would like to asses our advertisement options. Shall I go for affiliate marketing networks or facebook, google ads etc. ? If there's any other suggestion, would be happy to hear.
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  • Hi ! I assume the books ore-books here are yours and you are not representing any company or publisher to promote and sell their books in your e-commerce site.

    Assuming that the above is correct, that means to say the e-books are yours and you have the copyright to them.

    With regard to affiliate marketing, yes and no. Yes because it helps to spread your wings wider and fly faster (with good hope that you can soar higher too). However, you shared that you have an e-commerce platform and if so, why not sell on your website and save the commission. Perhaps you may decide to selectively pick a few key or hot sellers on an affiliate marketing platform. But the whole idea is to drive people to YOUR website. Marketing your e-books on an affiliate marketing platform could serve as a 'bait' for buyers to get in touch with you through your e-commerce website if you are retailing physical books (deliver the ordered books with a nice little bookmark helps to re-direct the traffic to your site for future orders). I believe it would also be possible to redirect the traffic to your site if you are retailing e-books via an affiliate marketing platform. This could be incorporated in your sales letter or sales video.

    As to drive traffic to your own e-commerce site, you can run banner ads on Google (if budget permits) or Facebook ads, Microsoft ads (cheaper) or Google ads (a little more expensive but with a younger audience profile).

    You may also consider Solo Ad to reach out to avid readers. However, you need to find a solo ad vendor who has a niche of email list that are comprising of book lovers. May not be that easy to find but this method is more targeted and personal, to a certain extent.

    You should also build a Fan Page to update on your new releases, running your top seller for the week, etc. Running a small campaign on your online ads (like Facebook) to offer a free e-book when they like your your Fan Page will help to build your database as well thus driving traffic to your e-commerce site too.

    I do hope you find those mentioned tips useful. Best of luck to your venture.
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    Hey my friend. Try not to think of them as books but resources.

    Now give your readers a sample. Give them a reason to want more.

    Learn something, Be infotained. How To. Integrate some kinda of cliff hanger making them want to click thru and the ultimate goal should be to enter a Funnel not a sales page.

    Once you establish some rapport and it can be done quickly then let them know of a helpful resource tailored to their interest.

    And that really should be where you begin as well.
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  • Originally Posted by Aytmatov View Post


    Shall I go for affiliate marketing networks or facebook, google ads etc. ?
    First try these "affiliate marketing networks or facebook, google ads etc" Then after not getting your return on investment, ask for more ideas.

    Have you tried these ideas...?

    Compare your results on Facebook vs google ads, whichever advertising platform gives you a better ROI on your ad campaigns, that's where you invest more. Also tweak the slow performer to convert better. Then find more social networking platforms to run advertising campaigns on.
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    Have a look at what Ryan Holiday is doing. He used to be a growth hacker, and now he's a writer. His books are not the best, but are very popular. The two things I've noticed he's doing is writing on Quora and maintaining a maling list.
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    I am guessing that you are also using off line promotions to increase your book sales, like a book launch? why not speak to your local library and see if they would be open to you launching your book their?

    also look at doing some radio advertising as a build up to your launc, if you do this then you should consider giving away a personally signed book in exchange for asking people to sign up to your email list that way you can capture their contact information and send them future offers.

    [URL=""] Host a post for me and win a chance at $2500 USD

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    yes facebook ads is something you can try with this
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    Hi, your e-commerce website and affiliate marketing will definitely help you. Due to coronavirus, no one is going out. You can run ad on google ad, facebook, or in Instagram also. You can make your facebook page and can run a campaign also.
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  • Hi, If you are in the book publishing business, you should not restrict yourself to just e-commerce, FB or affiliate program. You could dabble on a few effective platforms to draw traffic from different avenues. Books will work well with e-commerce sites and Microsoft ads that plough the traffic to your own website. I would not think much of book advertising on a social media platform (eg, FB Ad, Instagram, etc).

    You may also want to explore working with other relevant online plaforms to drive their traffic to your website.

    Hope you would find your best advertising formulation to market your books.
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