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Newbie question here, I want to promote an email submit offer on maxbounty using snapchat ads, i have the video ready, how can i use The Landing page they offer on MB with My own Domain

*Also if i try to set my own landing page with the email submits how will they get tracked ? it feels like the visitor will submit his emails for me on my own domain LP then get redirected to the tracking link of Maxbounty and resubmit his emails ? its stupid no ?

Kind regards
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    Hello and Welcome!

    You can have more than one landing page.
    Or you can forward your domain to the MB
    landing page. Most people do not like to
    submit their contact information more than
    once, so be sure your funnel is smooth for
    them as well as for yourself.
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      do you think snapchat will accept my ads if my domain is just a forward to an offer ?
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    Does Maxbounty offer a straight order page? There are some systems that has a landing page but they give you the option to have your own landing page so you capture the email then give you a URL to then go to the order form.

    What's even cooler in this scenario is, you can set up a page that goes inbetween you lead capture and the order form, set up your pixels on that page, and then have it redirect to the order form.

    So then, you will have an audience who hit your landing page and can exclude anyone that gave you their email, and you do waste money retargeting on people you already captured. Hopefully, you have something like that in your system.
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      Its a great idea i'll set a pixel in a inbetween page, then when they click on the CTA i'll send them to the offer,

      Any tips on how to make the inbetween page to get approved for snapchat ads ?
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