Find the reasons why people buy and get more customers

by abbe77
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Do you want to get some idea about your next marketing campaign and get new customers? Then find the reasons behind their shop decisons. There are lots of reasons why people buy. Here are few.
Please add yours...

• to get praise and liking by others
• to attract others
• to get easy and comfort life
• to get enjoyoment
• to get job done easy and quickly
• to look better, nice and smart than others
• to feel like a rich
• to become famous
• to escape pain
• to protect oneself and stuff
• to look modern and follow the trend
• to solve problems
• to get new opportunities
• to show affection to someone
• to get organized
• to feel secure
• to get more energy
• to save time
• to get accepted in the group
• to get good body and health
• to make yourself clean
• to protect the family
• to feel superior and unique
• to feel excitement
• to get motivation
• to save money
• to protect surroundings and nature
• to make yourself clean
• to get information
• to feel younger
• to cope with stress
• to recreate self
• to make money
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