Referral Bonus Software - did anyone ever use this or even remember it?

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years ago, I bought this software or might have been cloud based... anyhow, it was like $5 and here's how it worked

You would send people/traffic to a specific page and if they referred 2, 3, 5 (whatever number) of people and they ALSO signed up, they'd be able to unlock a bonus download or bonus area.

The only thing I can find these days are referral software that costs $29- $199+ a month.
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    Wasn't that 'refer a friend'? I remember it as being overused for a time but haven't seen it recently.
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    gosh, it was a few years back and I just cannot remember what it was called or if the site is even still active. What I do remember was it was super easy to use and instead of selling stuff to people, you could provide them with a bonus download if they referred x amount of friends, I think I had it set at 3 referrals and they'd get an email with the bonus download. The system kept track of everything, it was a really cool way to build your email list faster.
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