Hi. I thought I'd introduce myself.

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As a practising Buddhist and the proud owner of an Eco-friendly Window Cleaning business I am an avid advocate for living mindfully and anything that contributes to harmony, within our own minds & lives through to society at large and the planet as a whole.

I have embraced social media and the internet generally and I enjoy the added connectivity this gives us, using it to grow and share both personally and professionally by promoting products and opportunities that reflect my core values and interests.

I have a good grasp of basic, static web development, having built the site for my offline business from scratch and I am now learning how to get to grips with wordpress as it would seem a much better way to keep a site dynamic where SEM is the more important marketing route.
I have joined a UK Green product opportunity that puts retail first and aim to offer their catalogue of goods along with others from companies I am an affiliate with. I may also look at adding dropship products to the mix.

I wonder if, however, I might be making it all a bit too compicated in bringing the 3 models together, especially doing it all on one website. So I would be grateful for any input from others here, particuilarly the more seasoned marketers amongst us.
Many thanks
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