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I would like to create a course on product design. I know there is a market for it with Amazon and all. I would simply cover the research-design phase in great detail to help people to get their prototype made and differentiated. It wont be and Amazon course, singe there are 1000s already.

Would be great to chart out a way to get it to market and get sales/leads for it with the best Roi.

So far to market the course I am thinking of 1. Making a Free or cheap Udemy course. 2. Write a book to Amazon. 3. Write ca 10 helpful articles on blogi which would act as a landing page. The leads would come initially through Udemy to prove the concept and after that through Fb advertizing and podcasts?

Time investment would be 2-3 months. I am in the process of testing out what I want to teach first on launching a mini brand of products.

Does anyone have any take on this?

How doable it is to launch a course without building the audience for years first? Any ballbark time or advertisement investment figures?
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    You are on track with the Udemy angle as well as the FB ads
    but I'm not sure I would develop another course if there are
    thousands already. Maybe choose another topic, but that is
    up to you. Two to three months is a long time to develop a
    course that may or may not pan out so try to get it done faster,
    more like two to three weeks. If it's going to be a free course
    it doesn't need to be that elaborate and you can always add
    more lessons to the course once it takes off.
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    There are plenty of amazon courses about finding a product to sell, I would not want to do that. In fact, my angle would counter that idea. My whole idea would be- make something unique to sell and make it properly (with working margins).

    My plan was to create a course about designing your own physical product like the professional product designers do. Teach you to do market research and think like a designer. You can start your home bakery, jewerly business, use kickstarter or make something for amz. The design process is quite similar.

    We can use also amz for market research and do margin calculations so, that you can later start with finding a manufacturer.

    1.Start with or without idea.
    2.Market research-need finding-ux painpoints-user personas etc.
    3.Margin calculations.
    4.Polished Idea.
    5. Rough prototype-user testing-iterating.
    6. Making a production ready prototype that is unique in the market.

    I could have 2 versions of the course
    1. cheaper with recorded instructions (maybe thats the udemy version, or maybe separate)
    2. more expencive with feedback from pro product designers (amz sellers?)
    There isnĀ“t any course that I know of that connects regular people who want to design their physical product with university educated product designers.

    The first version would be done, yes, in 2-3 weeks to see if there is interest in the market.

    What I totally lack is knowledge about course ROI-s. I know it is hard to tell, but there must be some industry ballbark figures of time, audience and investment roi-s?

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    Why not be active in your niche and recommend and sell the course to people .Maybe create a yt channel create videos each day in your niche and recommend your product ,also blog active on social media forums etc
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