Anyone's buying Likes, Views and Subs for you social media?

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Well, the subject contains the question. Do you buy Likes, Views and Subscribers for you social media? I know people has different opinions about it.
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    Absolutely not.
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    No, I never by like or traffic. I like to do genuine work. Spam work may give you a result instantly, but will never last long. I believe this.
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    I would definitely advise against this. You want to get real and interested people's eyes on your products instead of just having a high number of random visitors. 3 real visitors are far more valuable than 3000 bought visitors which may very well be robot clicks.
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    I'm not doing it, but if you start completely from zero, I think it is not a big problem to buy 100 page likes for example to give new prospects the impression that they are not the first
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    As an experiment I bought subscribers and watch time for a YouTube channel I started. The number of subscribers stuck around for a while but they weren't engaging because they weren't genuinely interested in my content.

    Watch time was accrued fairly quickly however YouTube slashed the watch hours down a few weeks later presumably because they could tell that those watch hours weren't generated organically.

    So the question is, WHY are you buying likes, subscribers, etc? If it's to meet a certain metric then that's fine, but you're throwing money away if you think that buying likes/subs/etc will get you engagement on your social media.

    Just my $.02
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