My first sale ?? From where to earn traffic and trust?

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So here IAM very new to this digital selling filed ,as so far my experience IAM not able to understand how can I make my first sale because all beIng salers for different product from where to get customer and money now ,need you help so pls tell me how your career start and how did you sprinted Soo far.......
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    There are so many ways to make money online and it can get definitely be overwhelming for someone new. As with a lot of things, there's generally a tradeoff between time and money.

    If you have little to no money, it can take time to get sales because you're limited to certain marketing strategies (ie getting organic traffic by ranking in search engines). With money, you can buy traffic to your sites and offers.

    Try to learn about the different strategies out there to see what is the best personal fit for you, and then focus solely on that strategy. For example if you have a passion for golf, you could create a site about golf that earns you affiliate commissions by reviewing and recommending golf gear (physical products).
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    Read everyday, watch videos, there is so much information out there.

    I feel like I am learning everyday.

    Take action on what you learn, you will get better after each action you take.
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    No one can explain enough for you about this within a post here.

    But in my experience, you really should take a training course.

    Find a mentor.

    This is what i did and i highly recommend it for you

    Find a right mentor can save you a lot of time and money.

    Try to do it your own you may waste a lot of time and money with little or no return at all.

    It doesn't mean that if you get a mentor then you will have everything you want.

    It's just better in my experience.

    This is what i did and now i could make $400 in just a single sale, and this is just the frontend product.

    This can up sale to $1000.

    I hope this helps
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    Firstly really build your knowledge, I suggest finding people high up in the niche (familiarise yourself). Watch videos, read other forums, create a social media and check out other pages. Using social media for brand awareness us great, but you must engage to grow it. Backlinking is a great way to get people to your site and help rank. If you had the money, use ads. It will take time and you need good content whether its via social media, forums or your website itself. In the starting stages, trialling different things is the best way as you have nothing to lose and you will hopefully gain.
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    you should really get some training first and learn everything you need to be successful

    you can start for free on youtube,just watch some videos of how it works, once you understand the principles you should join one good program/course and follow it step by step and boom you should be able to make money.

    oh and don't forget to work on your mindset.
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    What product you wanna sell?
    How do you wanna sell? Website, social media, youtube? Paid traffic, free traffic?

    First you have to do a paper work and make a business plan. There are many steps before you get traffic, trust and your first sale.
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    Start with Print on Demand

    Come up with ideas by crowdsourcing them or through trend sniping

    No website needed. No money needed if you have graphics skills or if you have no graphics skills, you can use Fiverr and it will cost you $7 per design.

    Truly passive income if you know what you're doing

    Pick out the RIGHT writers for your project - only $0.0075 per word - DIRT CHEAP!
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