Is it possible to SEO a one page business website without content?

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Hi, I've started a real estate photography business and designed a one-page website with all the information (descriptions, photos, videos, prices ... ) needed on a single page.

I'm trying to improve the Google ranking, but all the answers lead to creating quality content.
Question is: how can I rank higher without changing the website design or layout by adding more page or writing content?
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    one method I have used to get my pages higher in Google is to create videos on Youtube
    and have a link in the description box under the video.

    Also place a link to your website in the description box.

    I have got a lot of my pages on to the first page of Google using this method.

    Sometimes a page will appear on the first page of Google within a day or two.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi sonsohi,
    Using backlinks will help you rank higher on google as well.
    Make sure your google business page is fully optimized. No spelling errors and make sure the information on your google my business is EXACTLY the same as the info you entered on other sites.
    Sometimes business move, change their number and then when you look them up on Google, they have different info in different areas.
    This can severely effect your ranking.

    Hope this helps!!

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    If you are using Wordpress you can use an SEO plugin like RankMath. You can add essential content without including it on the actual page that would appear to a visitor. You should also think of a keyword related to what your business that is not your actual business name. 'real estate photography' is a good start. You can find more suggestions on

    Also don't forget about Google My Business. It's free. Bing Places for Business is also free.
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    Trying to rank a one page website can be difficult since you only can target one or a few related keywords. If you are trying to target the local market you could be successful if your competitors are doing a bad job with their seo.

    First focus on optimizing your Google My Business.
    Then optimize your on page. Embed some videos to help your visitors stay longer on page. Make sure your site is mobile friendly, fast loading and have SSL.

    Lastly create citations and other off page links.
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    Without having content you could only tune the code of website w.r.t seo, you must have to have content be it less or more on your website for on-page seo .
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    Google AI is getting smart day by day but it still not 100% efficient so I do recommend you add some content like you can create blog within website and share tips about photography,real estate etc.
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    Images are content. They have names and you can add alt text.

    Why do you not want to add a page or 5?

    You don't have to put them in the navigation bar.

    They find you via some other page, go to the page you have now and have no way of knowing of any other page that's not in the nav bar or the one they landed on.
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    First of all it is important for you to understand how the google ranking works. For this purpose I will suggest you to watch YouTube videos on google algorithms especially PANDA.

    As far as my knowledge and experience, you need to put in some content on the website which contains your keywords. Other than that, you can always take help from the digital marketers who are available on different platforms.

    Hope this will help.

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    All my past SEO success was from creating quality content. I don't know if you can achieve this with just one page, even though it would be very extensive and high quality. In any case, you need very high quality backlinks. If you might not succeed with one page, you can still expand the website later.
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    Simply create a few blog posts about photography and let them do their SEO magic. As other user mentioned, you don't need to link to them from homepage, but you can link from them to your homepage.
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