How do you stay focused?

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What works for you to help keep your mind focused?

Any exercise or apps?

I would love to hear what works for ya'll.

I really enjoy listening to audios from motivational speakers

I love motivational speakers

I like to find audio books to listen to throughout the day
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    I watch motivational videos and reading books that teaches me something and/or inspire me

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    Its all about mindset i program my mind every night and morning also i follow napoleon hill think and grow rich
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    Me personally, I give my wife my credit card and send her shopping, so I can focus.
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    Believe me or not but physical exercise helps. Strong body, strong mind.
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    Every morning I do what I call "Emotional Manipulation". I will listen to YouTube videos on motivational speakers with powerful messages in the video playing. I listen to sleep hypnosis every night that programs my brain to be a success! I wake up and do my stretches and 200 pushups. This keeps the blood flowing and keeps a balance in life. I truly believe if you keep your mind, body, spirit in alignment then everything else comes smoothly. Vitamins and eating healthy is a big one too! Certain foods causes sluggish thinking. Eat guacamole, blueberries, and other health foods.

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    10-20 cans of diet soda + 5-10 cups of coffee + 20 cigarettes

    Entrepreneurship isn't supposed to be healthy, right?
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    Logout to facebook, Whatsapp and Focus on your main goal
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    1). Have a clear vision of the end result with a strong reason WHY.
    2). Definite, measurable goals and milestones with deadlines.
    3). Executable plan of action aligned with goals.
    4). No excuses.

    Once you have #1 in place, the rest is easy.
    No need to waste any more time reading or listening to "motivational" BS.
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    I try to think about what I would do if I'm not doing what I would do now. Then I think of the consequences.

    All the best,

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    I have to confess....

    Other People's Income Statements!

    Just typing it made me want to go work harder.
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    Hmm if you need all these bells and whistles, I'll say: You don't have a big enough Why.

    It's easy to focus when you have that.

    When Covid started I saw all the conventions and tradeshows in my industry shutting down. These folks depend on these meetups, and the 1:1 time that comes with them. Immediately I knew putting on a conference myself, a virtual one, was what I had to do. And I had the skills and experience to do it.

    I was likely the first person to host one in that industry--people told me so--and many other followed the idea. That first decision gave me all the focus I needed. Instead of foundering around, wondering what to do, I had my clear idea. And execution--autoresponder, signup page, organizing speakers, taking payments, getting a paid moderator to run things with me, getting the webinar infrastructure together--all that was a natural outgrowth of the focus I had on the idea.

    That focus gave me the organizing principle for my day. I was on a mission. For the three weeks preceding the event, that was what I was doing. All the energy I had supported this one idea.

    I say: if you don't have focus, you don't feel confident in pursuing an idea. Better work on that first. Then the focus comes naturally.
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    The question seems very simple but is very complex. The biggest issue is it depends on a person. A thing which motivates me may not motivate other person. I think the best is to start with just say 3 things which motivates you like for me its traveling and traveling needs money. Also it is much easier if you really enjoy what you do for example if you are in internet marketing just for the sake of money it won't take much time to get demotivated and then you will leave it.
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    I cut off all distractions and detractors and get to work.
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    I work in short 30 to 45 minute bursts

    I then 'recharge' my focus by reading stuff that relaxes me while containing info that can help my business

    Then I get back to work on the next burst

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    Looking at similar people in my niche of work and check out their posts/success. Also motivational pages etc they just give me a boost. Music actually can help me depending on what I have to do.
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    I am listening to subliminals on youtube.
    They give me extreme motivation and focus to do what I need to do.

    I am not sure if it is allowed to post youtube links here, the headline from the one which works great for me is this one:

    Motivation To Get Things Done - Subliminal Message Session - By Thomas Hall

    Apart from that I also have a morning routine including meditation, reading and sports.
    This helps to start the day right and never lose focus
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    Five ways to harness your determination and stay focused:
    - Set up your day the night before.
    - Do the most difficult things first.
    - Eliminate distractions and time-wasters.
    - Regenerate and keep up your energy.
    - Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goals.
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    Imagine your dream first before you start doing your task.

    Imagine the happiness and the positive result when you finish that task.

    In that way, it can help you focus on what you are doing because you know your WHY.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use lists and planners, set
    a timer for certain tasks, and
    keep strict track of my time
    (but not always since I am
    not a robot). I stay motivated
    by setting goals and the rest
    of what I do are proprietary
    trade secrets.
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    If you work a full-time job but are working on your business on the side, my recommendation is to decide the night before the ONE thing you need to accomplish in your business the next day so that you will feel like you actually did something productive on it.

    Oftentimes this will motivate you to do that thing first (which could mean waking up early before your day job) and as you string these daily productive tasks together, your business, and skill set naturally grows.
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    I read daily so that amplifies my mind .Prioritizing what is and what's not important helps me get things done alot faster
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    Guided meditation and mindfulness training regularly can help a lot to keep your mind focused. Ten minutes before sleep and 10 minutes after you wake up will do a wonder. Do it for few weeks and see the results. Make it a habit and daily routine for long term effect.
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    Private and quite room or place with super high speed internet. That's all I need.

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    I have access to mindset training in the group I am involved with, which has helped me massively.

    Then ultimately, every day I think about where I want to be in life and that is free from relying on a wage from an employer! That keeps me moving forward
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    Need to have a Daily To Do List!
    Put a Weekly Target
    Reward yourself weekly based on your achievement.
    If the achievement is short of your Target, then it will be a working weekend.
    Finally Take one Project at time. Not more until you finished your target.

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    What I like to do to stay motivated is to start working and play music from my favorite artists on Spotify. Also watching motivational videos on YouTube if I'm feeling low energy. The dream won't work if you don't work!
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