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Any ideas on marketing books i have eight on licence to sell on entrepreneur topics any information would be most helpful regards Frank.
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    Step 1: Compile a FREEBIE book and get an awesome cover from Fiverr.

    Step 2: Post the freebie on lots of free document upload sites like Scribd

    Step 3: Include links to your books' landing pages on the freebie

    You can also give the freebie away for free on COUNTLESS entrepreneur FB groups or a hashtag targeting twitter account.
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    Try posting free chapters on web novel sites or book forums. You might just also want to post on book forums, send samples to book reviewers on youtube or book blogs, and perhaps do some live reading via streaming. Those are just some of the things I can think of off the top of my head
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    Sell the ebooks on Amazon Kindle it is the best market place for books.
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    Write or hire someone to write press releases. 2-Go to highschool and do a continuing education class for potential entreprenuers for fee or free, In class have on dosplay your books and tell them where they could buy it get Pr from the class buy telling a local paper about the class and mention book in press release.
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    I carry some around with me and pull them out to show off sometimes

    Give as gifts, too, asking for reviews or feedback for the next version.

    PS - Head to this writer's site (not min, no affiliation) and search "market your book"


    ...the lady running that site lived down the street from Stephen King and knows her stuff about book writing and marketing.

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    Launch as WSO (Warrior Special Offer) at this forum.
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    Are these ebooks or printed? Physical books need pushing to bookshops.
    Do you have ISBNs and are they visible on book catalogues?
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    The best way is to optimize your amazon listing as much as possible. Like someone else said, Amazon is a powerhouse and most sales are likely to come through Amazon.
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    Amazon is a powerhouse and most sales are likely to come through Amazon.

    Not necessarily. If you can find a way to target a niche you could do better than Amazon. I speak as someone who has a screenshot somewhere of the time I entered the Amazon top 100 with one of my printed books. That was on only 2 consecutive sales of the same book. Bookshops were ordering my books in several boxes of 10.
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