Copying others youtube videos?

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I usually like to embed youtube videos from others in my article to make them better, one concern is that if they like to view that video directly on youtube the guy behind the video will get my traffic and any affiliate link he has in description for his video will go to him, but I guess that's normal or is there some ethical way around that?

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    Make your own videos - simple solution.

    You are asking how you can profit from someone's 'work product' while at the same time making sure the creator of the video gets nothing.

    Sometimes you need to step back and look at an idea - if you made videos promoting YOUR affiliate link...what would you do if someone tried to use your videos to promote their link instead of yours?

    Sometimes a product creator will provide videos for affiliates to use on their site or blog....or you can make your own.
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    That's inspiration, not copying
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  • My advice is to get out of your comfort zone and make your own YouTube videos for your channel and your brand. You need to establish your own authority in your niche for your prospects and leads to gain trust in you and see that you know what you're doing and what you're talking about. Using someone else's videos is only going to promote someone else's brand and establish someone else as an authority which isn't going to help you.
    Hope this helps!
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    Sure do it for ideas and methods but don't be afraid to set your own new creative way of doing a Youtube video and have people wanting to copy you
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    Maybe it would be better to make your own vid. You dont have to put your face in it
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    As people already said, it might be better to make your own videos and if you need a content idea then just model what successful youtubers already did
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    You can make your own videos without putting your face and your real voice so it will be for the betterment if you make your own videos for your blog rather than pirating someone else.
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