Is an amazon affilite store better than just links?

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Is it a good idea to setup an affilite store compared to just amazon inserted links and banners? I'm a little skeptical about setting up a store for getting an affilite comission.

If a visitor visits my site he will see its amazon products so why dont just visit the actual amazon site. I don't know if I'm a internet marketer but every time I see these stores I have this thinking. Or is an amazon store intended to be setup to sell your own products (amazon approved)?
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    There are a couple of ways of thinking about this (other points of view are welcome.
    The first thing to consider is how the visitor got to your site in the 1st place. Were they interested in a particular product? Did they find you via your Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram photos?

    A certain percentage of people will see that this is an Amazon product, experience this with varying degrees of dismay or irritation and go to the trouble of loading the home Amazon site on their browser. Some will think they'll pay more for an affiliate sale. And some folks, by the way, will think you were trying to put one over on them.

    Another scenario that is just as plausible is that the potential customer could care less that you are an Amazon affiliate and click on the link and by the product. There are varying degrees of success here and your mileage may vary. Do a search for 'successful amazon affiliate websites' and see some strategies for yourself.

    Probably the best way to go is to have pertinent blog posts that include references to products that can have your Amazon links. This, along with product listings, is what I am building right now.

    If you are into ecommerce affiliate marketing you can fight Amazon or join them. And you can also do both.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    Whether you choose banners on your site or a store has a lot to do with your marketing approach. You can even do both. You may decide to set up a page as a store in which you can invite people to your store by having a memorable domain name. Possibly even invite people offline.

    As far as banners go, this is what you want to use if you are a blogger. You can recommend the products within posts and have banners throughout your blog.
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    IMO your better off building a website full of content then adding ads. If you just create a site with the sole purpose of just having tons of amazon listings and no other content it will be trickier to make money long term imo.
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