What does Google consider duplicate content within a website?

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I am working on a website about 'water pumps' and 'water well services' and 'water treatment'. As you can imagine, there is a lot of potential redundancy among certain pages, especially the 8 different types of 'water pumps' that the client wants to profile.

The average page is over 500 words long of original and authoritative copy; however, there is also a certain amount of similarity on each of these pages, I.e., their '10 stop sales & installation water pump process' and '5 step warranty/exchange policy.'

So, if about 15% - 20 % of each of these 8 pages had some of the same content on it, addressing the above mentioned issues, would Google see it a duplicate content? If not, at which point would it be considered duplicate, I.e., 40% - 50%?

Thank you in advance for those that reply.

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