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hello, looking for advice
i am a web designer, wordpress to be exact and i also offer other services like hosting.
i've met a great client who needs a site andthe client does social marketing.
so naturally i take the opportunity to suggest we advertise each others services to generate work for each other. client likes this, full agreement about the idea but.... details, the client would like to know how will this work? good question and that is what i need advice on please.

from what i've read else where, this is normal to refer people and it is quite in-formal and often free.
we want to offer each other 10% fee for confirmed job work, again we agree on this.

my process idea so far:
so far i think, i setup a webpage, client doest the same and we advertise services, customer chooses a service (agreed qualifying services) and we both generate invoice and then send it to the other party with job fee and commission fee. the other party then completes the work as normal.

is my process fine, i am missing anything, what can be improved, would you accept these term ideas?
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