Membership site with IM course - Seeking Advice :)

by razaIC
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Hello awesome marketers!
am Raza and being new to marketing I am looking for your advice.

I have a membership website that will sell courses mostly in IM niche. It's for beginners and those people who want to explore their calling and see what interest them most in online business. It has monthly, yearly and lifetime payment options.

There are so many ways to market the website, the more I learn,more confused and overwhelmed I become. I cannot really figure out where to start.

Could you please advice me what's the best way to market such a membership site?
Is starting an affiliate program is a good option as well?

Furthermore, if anyone could help me professionally, I'll reciprocate too.

Much appreciated.
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    Hi Raza,

    It's not exactly a ringing endorsement of your IM course that you don't seem to know how to start marketing it. Did you write it yourself from experience, or was it outsourced? This might sound flippant, but I'm trying to work out what it is that you bring to the party - and why anyone should pay attention to what you teach.

    You've chosen a hugely competitive market to enter. Any success will depend on how you differentiate yourself and your products from countless other similar offers. Personal credibility or authority is one way. Do you have an interesting back story to tell? Does your course come at marketing from an unusual angle that might help it stand out?

    If you're starting from scratch, you'll either have to spend time building your profile, or ride on the back of others who already have a following. That means finding existing channels (subscriber lists, websites, social media groups etc.) and paying to get your offer in front of them.

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      Hi Frank,
      The courses have been obtained from various authors and third parties.

      Certainly, a crowded niche and looks like a long road ahead. However, as you have suggested, by making use of existing channels, I'll somehow get there one day. It's going to take time though.

      Thank you for your detailed and valuable insight. Highly appreciated.
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    I guess you're talking about the website in your signature here?
    I just took a look and I'd like to give you my opinion.

    Let's start with something positive:

    I really like the layout of your website, it looks professional.
    (Okay the reviews are most likely fake, but it's not the first time that I see something like that)

    However on the other hand I see a few problems..
    You say that you are a newbie yourself and that you need an advice on how to market your website. But in the same moment you're selling courses teaching that stuff.
    You say that you feel overwhelmed the more you learn, which is completely understandable in this niche, but in the same time you sell lots of different courses so that your potential customers get confused as well?

    What I'm trying to say...please strongly think about this:

    If you were interested yourself in internet marketing and you came across your website, would you buy? I'm serious, would you pay $37 a month to get access to plr ebooks/ and courses that people can probably download for free once they discover google?

    If you feel your answer to this would be a strong yes, then okay go on and try your luck to find people who think in a similar way.

    But if your honest answer is no, then simply don't do it, don't try to sell it, just stop right there.
    I've been there too. I started my journey 2 years ago and tried to build my email list with a free download of an ebook about amazon affiliate marketing. The fun part about this is, that I NEVER read this ebook myself and that I did not even like it, it already looked boring and hmm....

    So I learned it the hard way that it always ONLY makes sense to sell products that you really like yourself and that you would buy yourself. Please always remember this.

    Therefore from my perspective and with my experience in this niche I would never invest a single cent into your membership site the way it is now.

    Here is an alternative option to do it:

    Go through these courses yourself, learn what they are about, and then improve them, use them as a template to create something unique, add additional info from other sources.
    That way you create something new, something special, something unique and probably something of real value to your customers.
    It's way more work, but it would be worth it I suppose.

    All in all it's very important that you get real clarity about the internet marketing world first before you proceed.
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      Thank you for going through the site and the for the helpful reply.
      Definitely, I need to learn and dive deep into IM niche (in fact any niche) first, before presenting my offer to the public.
      "it always only makes sense to sell products that you really like yourself and that you would buy yourself". This is a million dollar advice. I think, it's time to reflect and ask myself what I am good at and passionate about. Cheers
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