How do I create an email list w/ No social media?

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Hi, I'm new here my name is Ellie. I have a a small 5 yr. old business finding old corporate checks owed to small-large businesses where I get a fee after they've been paid. I want to show others how to do it. But I'm new to social media and have no email list which is what I'm trying to build as a beginning. Can you make suggestions on how to create an email list? Thank you...
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    Do you have a website or any assets? How do you currently drive traffic?
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      Hi Chris,
      I don't have anything yet- zip! I need help.
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    Traditional methods include starting a blog or starting a youtube channel to share your knowledge. From either of those places you can send people to a squeeze page to collect their email addresses.
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    First off, get a Linkdin account and fill out your professional profile so people will take you seriously. Use your profile to make connections. You maybe able to attract like minded business professionals that may want to join your company.

    Second visit the Email Marketing section of this forum. Pay attention to what the serious marketers are doing here. Here is the short cut to that section -
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  • First off, get a Linkdin account and fill out your professional profile so people will take you seriously
    The LinkedIn page could also serve as a useful place to start putting testimonials from happy clients you've worked with over your 5 years (with permission you can port these over to your website/marketing materials as you build them out)
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  • Well, LinkedIn is a good platform to get email addresses of the people. The advantage of gathering emails from LinkedIn is that you will know which prospects are actually useful for you. YOu will collect email address only from those profiles which are relevant. That's a great way for email marketing
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