How Do I Plr Products I Am Thinking Of Buying

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I want to learn how to sell plr products i am lost...:>(

I will be finally again trying my hand at affiliate marketing, failed 5 years ago, now I am going at it again and could use your help with a few questions wish me luck

I will offering 5 plr bonuses to those who purchase my affiliate program opportunity, now some of these people are also interested learning how to create their own ebooks to sell online so I will be offering a ebook creation checklist as one of the bonuses but then I wish to try and upsell or just sell them 9 of the other checklists related to ebooks

What I am confused about is how to go about selling them the other 9 checklists after they get their 1st checklist free and become a subscriber


1) Can you share a few tactics / ideas on how i should approach either upselling or selling them all or one of those other 9 checklists

2) What tools will i need to start selling my own info products to buyers online

3) Is a membership site necessary to sell my plr products

4) is there a tool that allows me to handle refunds in a more efficient timely manner

5) what payment method should i consider and why for buyer
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