Do I need funnels, leads, email campaigns/marketing?

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Hello all,
I am a gambling affiliate. I had moderate success with SEO and I'm now looking to make more money using SEM. I'm thinking of using one of these options:
  1. 1. A landing page with maybe a form to download a guide, and then send email sequence to leads I acquire this way
  2. 2. Landing page with banners/links directing to the service I promote

Like I mentioned, in both cases visitors would arrive on the landing page via ads. The first option seems harder for me to see results from, because the emails that need to be sent will be of course gambling-related, so they'd be filtered heavily by Gmail, Yahoo ect. Also, I don't know what these messages could be about.

So... would option 2, landing page with banners to the gambling site I'm affiliate for, be a bad idea? I absolutely trust them, I have a 5+ years business relation with them and I know they will not try to scam me.

Thank you!
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    Option 2 will probably be your best bet, unless you can think of a creative set of follow-up emails, then #1 can work much better. You can always add your affiliate links in the guide you give away in option 1, so split test both and see what works best.

    In the long run, autoresponders return greater profits if done right, as opposed to just sending your visitors off into the distance never to be seen again.
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    I would go with a 1st option. easier and better chance you can catch them later
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    It depends on your advertising strategy..
    If you place an ad like for example on youtube, you can create a real connection with your audience and use option 2 this way.

    For some other paid ads services I would recommend option 1 and just be clever on how to write your emails.
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