Is this considered spam?

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I have a blog about feral cats, free domain, free plan.

I have many videos of feral cats that I shot myself on the blog, but there are also posts about cats behavior without a video clip.

If I write a post about 'Do cats forgive you if you hurt them by accident?' Add a few sentences about how my cat who'd forgiven me after stepping on her paw accidentally, was a great model for video clips. And then a few more sentences about cats videos, quoting "Also, some cats don't like their picture taken, or being used as models in a video clip. I've had cats running away during a shot, but none had ever been angry." and then link to a cellphone affiliate link, and write that it has an excellent camera, and you can video your cat or feral cats in the neighborhood.

Is this spam? I'm asking because the post should be related to the affiliate link. (Amazon)
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