What's happening with CPA Networks?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. Quick question...

What's happening to Affiliate Networks like ClickBank?

I got approved with Digistore24 for a CPA offer for online reputation management software. I thought it was an incredible offer that paid affiliates 25% LIFETIME recurring commissions but when I applied to ClickBank, I got refused. They said they do not accept products like mine when in fact they have a similar product listed in their marketplace. They also said their reason was due to the possibility of high chargebacks and poor support which they clearly did not due their due diligence when checking out my company. We've never had these issues.

Admittedly, ClickBank may not be the best network for vendors to promote niched B2B SaaS software but a few weeks ago I applied to 9 other CPA Networks like MaxBounty. None of them returned my application except for 2 that rejected my offer saying they had no traffic for my product. Someone from another forum said CPA Networks are slipping due to COVID-19.

Are CPA Networks going through hard times like Joey Babineau's article The Crash of CPA Marketing Networks suggests? If so, does anyone have suggestions on finding B2B affiliates that target professional businesses needing to improve their online reputation and local SEO?

Thanks so much for your help,

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