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Hello, name is Bryan and I have been around world wide web for awhile now and finally all the pieces clicked. It ALL makes sense now, if you are going to make the perfect brew to plant and grow you money tree or farm... You will need specific tools of the trade with the understanding on how and why they work.

I know you do not need everything out there but there are a few essential things you will need to know. I will not say I have made hundreds of thousands, or even 7 figures per month, but I am on my way. I will do my best to give advise to the best of my knowledge.

Here are the biggest lessons I have learned and recommend you do the same. If you do not follow these simple steps, I believe you will have a hard time to the top. Please take some time to absorb this slowly but surely. These are very basic, almost common sense if you will.

Step 1) Get real with yourself and know anything worth doing will take time. This means there is no magic pill or magic carpet ride that will give you overnight success.

Step 2) Get ready for some head aches, some will hurt more than the others. On your journey you will have to learn things you do not already know. Some things will be easier than others for some. Either way, everyone will learn something along the way.

Step 3) Get ready to grind and get the work done. Yes, you will have to work to either create content and hyperlinks. Or you will have to work to find the best guru or internet savy person to pay to do the work for you.

Step 4) Get ready to create a new you and lifestyle. You will have to have a vision and plan to build a business online. If you can not see your self progressing mentally, you will not be able to make it happen physically.

Step 5) Get a niche on something you really enjoy learning and would build a website around. You should be prepared to go for the long haul. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will you online business if you truly want to succeed

Step 6) Get off your high horse and stop acting like you are the OZ behind the curtain. Someone will always know something you do not. Learn from other people and find a mentor or few. Also keep in mind, not everything on the internet is true. Check a few sources for info and then proceed.

Step 7) Get going... Create so much content, have so much traffic, and so many leads you can retire. Decide how much is good for you and go for it! No holds bar, be a beast and dominate. Do what others won't. Create a new life and make sure you are happy in the process
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      What about gambling? you are only gambling if are going to try to make money online with any type online business and not follow these 7 steps.

      Where do you get gambling???
      Learn To Earn From The Best...
      "Trust Chuck", I Did..!
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    Great advices.

    The sad part is that almost every product/course which is about making money online goes the opposite direction and tells people (on sales pages) indirectly or directly that it is so easy and fast to succeed online.

    Therefore people get a wrong impression and always try to find something which is easier than what they already have.
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