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which one is the best media to use when marketing and earning between Jointium and Facebook?
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    For marketing and earning I always find Facebook the best media among all the platforms. We can't deny the significance of other social media platforms but Facebook stands out for social media marketing in my opinion as it has 2 billion visitors, more than the other ones.

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    Obviously any social media platform that makes you money is the best.

    Facebook is great becuse of the amount of people that are on their at any given time. You can make highly targeted ads and even display free ones in various groups that are set up by the members.

    The small social media sites are great becuase they are highly targeted as well. The people within certain smaller social media sites are potential business seekers. They can tend to be a little more highly targeted and at a cheaper price.

    Obviously once you become skilled at placing ads and have a great program to promote placing ads on sites like Google and Facebook that earns you more in income than what you pay for will be ideal. Those sites will bring in huge income from which you can expand not only with those platforms but sites like Bing and Twitter as well.
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    What is Jointium? A quick Google search reveals very little ... but the namesake domain makes it seem like a very new and undeveloped creation that I'd think FB would beat in every conceivable metric and dimension (unless I'm looking at the wrong thing!)
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    What is Jointium? The fact that people ask that question tells you the answer. Jointium has to be very small, whereas approx. 1 in 4 (25%) of people use Facebook and a large percentage are using the site daily.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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      Yep. And in the U.S. believe it's closer to 70% using it monthly...
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    It's a good idea to test out a wide range of social media, because you may be surprised at the results from one particular platform that you may not have originally considered profitable. Facebook is a clear front runner with both paid and organic advertising.
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    like others above I never heard about jointium haha
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