I posted a WSO but no email, thread not active. What do I do?

by JFire9
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I posted a WSO about 5 - 10 hours ago and also sent payment, but my thread is still not live, do I need to wait? And if my thread is not approve, will I get my $20 back? Also, want to confirm, do I need to be War room member to post in WSO?

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    I'm answering this rather than deleting it - so that others might get 'the message'.

    You did NOT read the rules for WSOs - or you would not be asking about an ad 5-10 hrs after posting it.

    You will be contacted when the ad is either approved or disapproved....it can take 3 business days (and that means no approvals over weekends). All ad threads are processed by Admin.


    Your previous questions indicate you also did not read the discussion forum rules or you would know all threads are moderated before they appear.


    I know it's tempting to skip ahead and 'get going with an ad' - but the rules here are enforced. The timelines are clearly explained - patience please.
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