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I've built an e-commerce and have been around for a good two years now. I'm sure convibced that the products are decent, but somehow we're just not converting. I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that something about our site is stopping people from buying.

Of course we do the average sale and we've got some returning customers, but we just can't seem to convert for more than 10k a month.

When we advertise we do get clicks, but sales just won't move up. We drive traffic through affiliates as well without any success.

The main issue is that even when we drive 2000 people to the store with ads, the conversion rate is 0%.
That's quite alarming.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hey i know the feeling! Sucks! Well yeah might not be the site, your targeting may be off whatever you're advertising with - google ads or facebook ads may not be targeted....

    But to be sure it's not the site that's hindering sales ...

    What you need to do is install a session replay and heatmap tool that shows how visitors click, move - it will record each visitor in real time and play back for you! Then you can discover what is it those 2000 visitors are doing on your site and not buying!

    I use MouseFlow, but there's hotjar, lucky orange!
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    I think your problem is the text you have on your website.

    A lot of business owners don't know about the importance of copywriting. Poor copy can send your business in bankruptcy.

    You need compelling text everywhere your customer has a contact with your business, on your website, ads, social media, newsletter, etc. You need an attractive and inspiring voice that will represent your business and make your visitors feel an urge to buy.

    Not because it's cheaper or because you have the best product, but because you made them feel a certain way.

    Bottom line is, learn copywriting or find a good copywriter to help you out.

    Someone good with words can sell with a wall of text on white background.
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    Hey Alex,
    are you selling worldwide? If yes, you may want to have a look at your shipping service. More than 50% of visitors abandon the cart due to shipping related reasons (too expensive, too slow, bad return policy, ...). That can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.
    Baymard Research did a nice study on reasons for cart abandonment. You may want to check it out.. quite helpful to understand shoppers priorities.
    - Daniel
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