Perception Is Reality And What This Means For You As A Marketer

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Medical doctors speak specific gibberish so they have common terminology to refer to their subject with.

Whatever business or field you're in, you're going to have your own terminology. Refusing to learn or use it would be like an MD refusing to use medical terminology. Communication with other specialists would break down immediately, and they would not be able to work together to find solutions. Can you imagine a group of doctors at the CDC, all dismissive about medical terminology, yet trying to work together to isolate the cause of an outbreak and find a cure?

Of course not. You don't see MDs resentful of terminology. It's a tool to use and a necessary one. They don't say, "The doctor gurus use this medical terminology, so I'm not going to use it."

It's how like recognizes like. A professional recognizes another professional. If you're going to be a professional marketer, you're going to need to learn and use professional marketing language.

I first noticed this decades ago, when science historian James Burke pointed the doctors-gibberish thing out on his show Connections. And today, I'll share with you that it's the fastest, easiest way to get taken seriously if you're a marketer. Perception is reality here.

If you can, as an example, go to a product creator and say, "I can provide A quality and B quantity traffic, and predict that we'll see a C conversion rate on your offer," you'll be received with much more weight than the newb who blurts with zero awareness, "I wanna promote your offer!" (to some randos and hurt your EPCs and conversion stats in the affiliate platform: oops).

Roll this around for awhile.
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