Entering the Wholesale and Retail Market - Seeking Guidance and Advice

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Hello. I am working with a personal friend who decided to let me in on what his business. He is working with a wholesaler that has established himself in the market and has been supplying to vendors like eBay and Amazon. We are able to obtain the products directly, with no quantity limitations, and have produced a full catalog of the products he has to offer.

With the intentions of having my friend take over the market that he has established, our close (personal) wholesaler connection has a lot of trust in my partner and is offering his full cooperation and support for our company to become a global player. We import our products directly from our personal factory overseas in Asia and also have the ability to send mass orders directly from that factory (if it reduces freight costs).

With all this said, I hope I have depicted the scenario which I am being offered to enter into, and am seeking advice and knowledge as to what we should be focusing on and develop a gameplan with a sense of clarity as far as the chronological steps we should take to achieving our goals. Our goals are to make mass export orders to countries internationally and also make wholesale and retail sales domestically in the US.

I hope this is enough information as of now for me to start requesting some support from the online community and I am willing to answer any questions as long as it doesn't void my partnership contract. Thanks in advance and much more appreciation to be shown later, I am hoping !
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