how do I practice when learning SEO

by Erebos
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Hello to everyone. I just started learning SEO. But I don't know how to practice. Can you help me?
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    You can learn SEO without 'practicing' but if you want to use what you are learning as you go (smart idea) - build a site or blog and try the methods out on that. Work on optimising your own site as you learn how to do it.
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    To practice you ned to follow the hard way by working hard ,writing content ,building backlinks ,testing failing etc .And this its not easy as you need to have patience to see your results etc .Seo its a complicated game but if you pay the paintful price and you become an expert then you will have a passive income for many years ,but its a very paintful price you nee to pay
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    1. Watch out for some SEO videos on YouTube (I suggest you follow 1 or 2 persons as everyone has their opinions and ways to teach SEO. Following any ONE can help you understand things better, else you will feel overwhelmed.)

    2. Start your own blog or tiny website and play around with SEO techniques (including on-page and off-page).

    3. Don't expect SEO results to happen in a week or a month if you are doing a fresh start. Initially, it takes time.

    4. Do not outsource anything except content. It may harm your websites as 90% of freelancers create weird links and sometimes on weird sites.

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    Better to start small project of blogging to implement all your learning. Thanks
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    The best way to learn SEO is to follow the basic steps, for this, you can take help from SEO related sites and youtube is also available to learn from basics topics.
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    If you wanted to learn for free, you could learn a lot from youtube.
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    Youtube is open book for SEO
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    the only thing to learn in online marketing is the basic ways of attracting more potential custormers and buyers,

    most of all the big giggs and websites have mastered this act and thats why they are far off from a newbie that just got started.
    you surely do need marketing expertise to succeed big in this
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    Practice should be man perfect so practice is most important.
    start keyword research and try to write content for your keyword.
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    Hey Erebos, it's great that you're learning SEO and there are tons of plugins that can help you with it; if you have a blog that is. SEO is a long-term strategy so you have to be patient as you won't get results overnight, in saying that; once the search engines recognize that you're genuine then you'll be rewarded by being pushed up the ranks.

    If you haven't got a blog then you should start one as this would be an ideal way of practicing while you learn. Also, this forum is a wealth of information when it comes to learning SEO. You could also get good tips and tricks from Facebook groups as to how to practice; I wish you the best of luck!

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