At a loss with Silo Structuring - Wedding Website

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I am building a new wedding website. The website offers several areas to a user.

1. Planning Tools
- Website Builder
- Vendor Manager
- Budgeter
- Table Planner
2. Wedding Shop
- Dresses
- Invites
- Favors
3. Vendor Finder
- Photographers near me
- Location Wedding Photographer
4. Blog/Ideas
- Wedding Dress Trends 2021

I am struggling to make a decision on the silo structuring of the website. If you look at the 4 areas above, the top level generally has a super low search volume eg 'Wedding Vendors' or 'Wedding Blog' meaning boosting those pages isn't really required or than to categorize.

Then there is an additional aspect of knowing where to put the long tail keywords.

Lets take wedding dresses as an example. Its one of the biggest keywords in the wedding arena. I could silo like the following:

In theory, the blog post would boost the wedding dress page which in turn would boost the wedding shop page.

But this would go against the ideas of:
1. do not repeat the keyword in the URL (I know I could use the virtual silo) despite MOZ stating the optimal is physical.
2. wedding dress trends is also a keyword with good volume, which would go against "keep your keyword as close to the root domain as possible.

Finally, I could use the areas mentioned above - planning tools, blog, vendors, shop and out all the blog post styled pages/posts within the blog and just link to the page i wanted to rank for the big keyword.

would virtual silo to

I seem to have spent weeks going round in circles on this one.
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