Where are the best places to promote your blog posts?

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I am pretty new to internet marketing and still find it confusing as to where I could find readers for my articles.
I was wondering if anyone more experienced might have some suggestions?

Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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    if you have a wordpress blog, connect it to wordpress reader. When you are inside, type in keywords of your niche and you will find recent blog articles from other people.

    Like their posts, leave valuable comments on their blog - rinse and repeat every day and you will get more visits to your site. People will check you out.
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      Hi Tobi, I've never heard of WordPress Reader. Do I just Google it and then fill in my website details?

      It sounds like a great idea.
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        Originally Posted by LilyMunday View Post

        Hi Tobi, I've never heard of WordPress Reader. Do I just Google it and then fill in my website details?

        It sounds like a great idea.

        I did this process with a tutorial from a product I bought, so unfortunately I can't send you a video to show it.

        But apart from that the process was quite simple I remember.

        You obviously need some kind of wordpress website.
        At first I had a gravatar account and connected it to my wordpress site, I am sure there are some videos on youtube about it if you are not sure about this point.

        Then I installed the plugin Jetpack (free version) and I guess when you login there with your gravatar login details or wordpress.com details (it's the same) you are good to go and have access to the reader.
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    I agree that wordpress reader is the best place.

    The second platform I would use is Pinterest. You can get a ton of traffic if you play it right. Pinterest is image-based so you will need to make pics for your blog posts. I recommend Canva.com. It's free and very easy to use.

    Use a 2:3 ratio for your images on Pinterest i.e. 600 x 900 pixels
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      I have been using Pinterest and just starting to get better at Canva. It seems to be a fun place to meet people and share. Thanks for the advice.
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    The first place to actually share your blog is on Twitter. The social media network has changed a lot since its early days, and the way people have used it has also changed. But it remains a place about news and the most current, highest trending topics or stories.
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      This is a new one to me, I've actually never really had a sense of what Twitter is and definitely didn't think about sharing my blog on it. Time to do some research I think.
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      • Twitter's getting VERY interesting imo. In addition to "new" (read: copied) video / audio products like their Stories and Clubhouse clones, they've now launched a Substack clone and tipping functionality. If they actually execute and stay committed to these things (a big if!) I think it's a pretty big win for writers/bloggers of all stripes...
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    You can promote your blog posts on forums related to your niche. It is one of the good ways to start driving traffic to your blog.
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  • It depends on who your audience is and what your niche is. I've had some success with Reddit, if you're targeting specific communities. And don't forget to join online forums too.
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      I've joined a few forums but you are right Reddit is definitely a great idea.
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  • the first-word press .pintrest, and social media platform
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    You can use Twitter and have any of your tweets as a paid ad. That way people can see your articles.
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      I didn't know that Twitter did paid ads, thanks.
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  • this is the following best place to promote your blog as above.
    Email. ...
    BizSugar. ...
    Managewp.org. ...
    Reddit. ...
    LinkedIn Articles. ...
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      You have some new ones on me there BizSugar. I also use WebTalk.
      But I will look into LinkedIn articles too. I kind of joined them but didn't know what to do there. Someone said it's a boring platform and I tend to agree.

      Lots here to help Thanks.
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  • I think 1st is WordPress.
    2nd is social media site like twitter, fb, Pinterest etc.
    Most effective social media site is Pinterest.
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      Thanks for this answer, you have given me some excellent food for thought.
      I had been wondering if I was missing an important one.

      I enjoy doing Pinterest and it is definitely working for me based on the Analytics. Quite possibly the lovely photos my husband supplies me with that are unique.

      I do need to expand into other areas.
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  • Facebook groups is a great way to get traffic to your website. Find a group on what your website is about and post helpful content to the group.
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    I usually post to a few places. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and a few other bookmarking sites such as mix.com, pocket, flipboard. Pinterest I think can be good. I try to make a new pin everyday but apparently with pinterest best thing is to add keyword to your description. This is so people find your pins on Google, bing etc. You should probably learn SEO I would say because this will help you get more visitors from search engines but I have seen some good suggestions below. Comment on similar blogs because the author of that blog may visit your website back top leave a comment themself. Also, if you get comments I've heard it's good practise to leave comments back on the commenters website. I think I will have to have a read through this thread myself - I could also do with the tips I think.
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      These are great ideas Alex. I'm now promoting every day on Quora and creating 3 pins a day for Pinterest, my clicks back to URL is growing steadily. I do use Keywords and apparently in Pinterest you should write a good description and put hashtags in. I just learned that if someone is using Tailwind they can't save pins that don't have descriptions.

      I really like your suggestion about similar blogs and leaving comments. You've just given me a great idea.
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    Hi Lily

    What is your blog about? Have you looked into SEO, building back links to increase organic traffic.
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      Hi Serene, my blog is all about software, plugins, and ways to build your business online. I write reviews on products to help people to build a strong, healthy business. But I still have a lot to learn along the way myself.

      I have been using good SEO learning with Yoast and creating backlinks through quality content etc.

      I'm so new to Warrior that I'm not even sure I'm allowed to tell you my website name? And I've been trying to find that sort of information but finding it hard. I wish warrior had a video tutorial on posting etc.
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    Hi Lily
    From your description I gather your blog is an affiliate site? Envato affiliates or similar?

    Are the products you are reviewing based on keyword research?
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    Hi Serene, yes it is an Affiliate site.
    I'm diligent about keyword selection and watching the stats for low hanging fruit.
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      Hi Lily

      It sound like you are doing the right things, with keyword targeting and backlinks. It will take some time to start ranking for organic keywords (not sure how long ago you started).

      In addition to the obvious paid traffic options (e.g. Facebook ads) and the list below posted by kmsazal, you could also give Reddit groups a try.
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    You can always try slack channels like Big SEO or Growth Hacker
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    I think this sites you wanna best place for your article....
    have you any others idea then everyone can sare here.

    Quuu Promote
    Facebook Groups
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    Someone suggested BiSugar which is entirely a different thing with 26K participants and it's definitely not worth your time. (I just tried that.). ManageWP.org which is down and would not return even if it was, that was something irrelevant to this thread.
    Reddit is probably the strongest of the internet and that's what makes it beautiful. But you know what there are no Reddit Groups but Subreddits. They accept posts from popular sources. For example for Mac they'd accept news from MacRumors, Apple or 9to5Mac and popular mainstream news outlets but not sources any lesser than that.
    So if you are creating your own subreddit, it would require you ages to get subscribers. The only option left there is to post on your own profile which might get you little value but yes better than LinkedIn articles.
    There is a shortcut to that. To be successful you need to be authentic and realistic that'd improve your chances of getting accepted everywhere and be heard. And to achieve that you can try
    medium and WordPress etc. even Reddit. But dude if you made a mistake Reddit alone has the power to wrap your business and turn it into air and smoke.
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  • Social Media Platforms
    1. Facebook (Pages & Groups)
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram

    Social Discussion Platforms
    1. Quora
    2. Growth Hackers
    3. Good Firms
    4. Reddit (SubReddit)
    5. Ask a Question by Yahoo

    Forums & Communities
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    The best and the easiest way to promote it is social media. Also you should know your readers, where do they spend their time online

    Best PayDay loan campaigns over the US market. High EPC. Weekly payments. Get on board! https://leadnetwork.com/Sign-Up

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    When it comes to promoting your Blog Posts I would recommend either paying someone for their SEO services or simply just learning to do SEO yourself and get your post ranking in google search engines.

    That way you get more organic traffic.

    Setting up a youtube channel and promoting your blogpost via video brings in alot of traffic, to your blog post, making sure your posts have a good amount of images and video helps with ranking your posts on google.

    Use Pinterest to promote your images and blog posts, and medium is a good platform to promote your blog posts. Focus more on SEO, then eventually paid ads would work well.

    Also do not forget to use forum marketing to promote your blog posts it's free but over time can be very powerful.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Best Places to promote your blog posts are
    1. Reddit
    2. Growth Hackers
    3. Facebook
    4. Twitter
    5. Linkedin
    6. Forums
    7. Quora
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