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It's been a long time since I've worked IM, did digital products and CPA in the past.

Now I'm taking on physical products, no drop shipping though. Everything is priced for human labor. I want to try to ride on this $15 per hour thing going on before it's too late. Take each new "trend" on as needed.

Back before I was doing it all myself, and sales kinda sucked. But, living and learning, I am now going to network on the network and see about building up some affiliates to help push the products. I don't have time to be the entire thing, ya know?

Now, the biggest question is where to find the good US traffic drivers? Not selling off shore. Years ago I knew a Chinese woman in Belgium that drove good US traffic, so the person's geographic location isn't an issue.

Right now I am getting set up on JVZ to run affiliates, but, is there a platform for more adultish products. Not porn or anything, but products might use certain words that some networks are all overly sensitive about.

Anyway, let's see how this ball bounces now.
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