Best method for SEO to link my site to the ones I build

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There seems to be a debate around this topic and I wondered if anyone had a definitive answer for the best method to ensure good SEO practice.

What is the best way to link my site to the ones I build? (For the purposes of this, assume I want to make people aware I built it and I have permission to do so):

1. Should I not link it at all and just use a text reference to my website so people can see I built the website.

2. Should I link my website address and use a 'nofollow'

3. Should I link my website AND keyword and use a 'nofollow'

4. Or Should I ignore all this and link my website name and keyword using 'dofollow' and not overthink it?

Any advice and other options if there are any would be appreciated.
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    You are asking questions already answered many times on this forum. Use the forum search or read threads in the SEO section to find answers.
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