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I'm new to affiliate marketing, currently learning facebook ads + clickbank product (nutra offer).

I have some issues understanding which parts of a funnel need improvement and what are the good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel.

I once saw a great video on youtube explaining a good 'transition/conversion' rates between parts of a funnel (i.e % between ad and squeeze page, between squeeze page and thank you page, between thank you page and landing page, etc.) and how those help to understand the points to improve but I cannot find it anymore.

The funnel is: fb ad- squeeze page (email submit for a freebie, which triggers a couple weeks worth of automatic emails) - thank you page - landing page vsl - quiz - order form - purchase

The stats so far are:

FB - link clicks - 120 , ctr- 8%, unique ctr-10% (data from facebook)
leads - 79 (data from facebook)
thank you page - 88 (data from website analytics - i guess a couple could be coming organically from instagram/pinterest)
landing page - 30 (data from website analytics)
order form impressions - 2 (clickbank)
sales - 0 (clickbank)

I've also created retargeting campaigns, but those are not running and using the budget and I haven't figured out why yet.

I understand that I might need more data for a more accurate picture but knowing good/average conversion rates between parts of the funnel would be of a great help. Any other advice and suggestions would also be welcomed.
Thank you.


UPD: thank you all for your replies

I'm still working on improving things to finally start getting sales.

Changed my e-mail campaign a bit and added a product banner for additional clicks, stats seem to be average according to google.

As for ads, I'm using a 1% lla audience created from product vendor's customer list.

However, I noticed that the ads are being shown to an older audience (including 65+) and I assume they might not even know how to buy stuff on internet so I added age limits to see if that helps. (I'm also thinking people 65+ can be the ones who state they're like 100+ yo, who knows, there's plenty people doing that =D)

Going to test more age groups as well as the landing page people end up at (vsl/text/quiz) for now.

Also, retargeting campaigns finally started to get some impressions, so I'll get my eye on those too.
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      You can try to publish something about promoting your product in the group. Joining the group more can help you increase the conversion rate.
      Newbie here. When you say "this group" are you saying the WF group? Do members of WF help cross promote or something?
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  • You may be right about not having enough data for retargeting. Also, if the problem persists it may be Facebook showing your ads to less people, since they don't really care for affiliate offers because they make claims.
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    Maybe you could get some people to sign up for your list and give you a 2nd opinion. Even 3rd 4th opinion if you need it. Honestly, I'm no expert here I use GetResponse and I know in there it says how many people have opened your email and how many have clicked the link inside. I think if you are not getting a lot of people opening emails that will be to do with your headline and if people aren't clicking inside your emails it could be to do with your swipes.
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    I've been having a lot of success on Clickbank recently with the classic straight sale approach and survival offers.

    Ad--> Article Style Lander OR Quiz Lander (Split Test) --> Offer

    Start with 1% Lookalike audiences and dial in your link CTRs.

    Duplicate the winning adsets and kill the losers.

    Hope that helps
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      Start with 1% Lookalike audiences and dial in your link CTRs
      What is a 1% Lookalike? How do you find it?
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        FB audiences-> Create Audience-> Lookalike audience.
        You can create a lookalike audience from a customer list, website visitors, etc. When you're creating it, you'll see there's an option to choose %, 1% being people who are supposed to be the most similar to the audience you chose as your source.
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      Thanks for the suggestion, sounds good Which campaign objectives are you using?
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