Can I make money if I just link/refer leads to a merchant's website ?

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Can I use a merchant's affiliate link to send my leads to their website and make money on whatever my redirected lead buys off that website ?

After all they would not have obtained the lead otherwise... Or, do I have to link to a specific product ?
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    It depends on what the merchant's affiliate program rules/terms are.

    READ the terms of any program you sign up -READ the rules for affilaites on any site you sign up to be an affiliate of.
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  • Not all affiliate program does that. Try to read the affiliate terms and conditions before you decide to promote their offers.
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    No, it depends on their rules.
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    You can find merchants that allow you to do this. Have a look at clickbank or Impact Affiliates or another platform, you may find a suitable affiliate in your niche which allows you to promote their website (not product specific).
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