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Hello Warriors,

I am a physician and thinking about founding an online exercise program for some time now, and under the current situation I now took action to make things concrete. I am new to the field of content creation and was wondering if you could help me out with some insights on how I could reach my goal a bit faster.

1.) General Outline: I am planning on first creating content aligned with my personal story to show people steps that could make them feel better. I would want to use youtube videos and blog posts on FB in accord with each other. As a second social media platform I was thinking about instagram or twitter.
I would postpone my own website, until I generated content and followers as well as working out a Name, Logo and general layout of these things.

2.) I would want to make videos of me explaining concepts and showing movements. I would like to accompany those by either anatomical drawings or charts of animated parts of the body.
Are there free sources for anatomical graphics? Should I license something like cygote body?
Is it realistic to do this stuff with animation desk or whiteboard animation software?
I rly like whiteboard animation in the medical field.

3.) The At first I would like to create content and share it for free to build rapport. Am I right, that I can use sources like pictures for such articles with attribution? But what happens if I start generating paid content and still have these old articles on my site?
I see a lot of fitness professionals using links to youtube videos embedded in their blogs that come from others youtube channels and they link to them for reference on a topic or an exercise.
Is that ok, or would I have to ask for permission for such embedded videos and pictures?

4.) What steps would you recommend to go public / be seen? What should I focus on? Reaching out to people in a similar field? Posting on FB / Instagram? Just generating content?

Thank you all very much in advance. Have a great day!

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