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I have a small start-up web design team all working remotely and we are looking for easy access and personalized incentive providers. I would love to hear from my fellow small business owners. Suggestions and recommendations are welcome!
1. What type of incentive/reward do you provide to your employees (working remotely)?
2. How do you keep your employees happy and motivated?

Thank you in advance.
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    Give them gifts if performance bonuses don't seem special enough. More memorable and personalized.

    Get an employee growth plan going with them. I like to find out what "outside work skills" or hobbies my people have, and work those into the business. Eg. they like photography? Get them doing product shots or event/promo shots, and have them experience being paid for their skill. That's rewarding!

    It all goes back to organizational culture, which should be deliberately directed and not left to chance.
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    On #2 - when I was an employee (small team, big company), always found that having a boss who put a premium on training and development opportunities made a big difference in my satisfaction and motivation. FWIW, research seems to suggest this is particularly true for young people (see below). Regular communication and check-ins on their development plans imo make for happier, more motivated employees...

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    If they cannot stay motivated by themselves, fire them.

    Also beware of your own expectations for other's motivation. Don't be a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs of the life. Be wary that they might be performing well most of the time.

    But in case you are 100% sure they are not motivated, fire. Don't waste your time with useless trickeries.
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      Originally Posted by SirLouen View Post

      But in case you are 100% sure they are not motivated, fire.
      So, you motivate them by fear?

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    Bonuses in Equity always incentivize working towards a success
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    You can create a competition every month and the employee of the month will get a gift. Also, you can give a bonus to your employees.
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    Recognition - and bonuses. If you have a small team where all are invested in the success of the business..that goal is the motivation.

    Hiring freelancers or employees - decent pay, recognition, bonuses...and make sure their supervisor is not SirLoen above....
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