How can I increase members for my Facebook group from 0 to 1K members?

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I created a Facebook group about WordPress for non-techies. This is a resourceful online hub providing useful WordPress tips, tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, statistics, and tons more. Members can share their WordPress knowledge, learn and help each other with any WordPress issue. But the problem here is I find it really hard to bring members to my group. The number of members hasn't changed for 2 months.
Can anyone give me advice or tips on that? Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Sounds like an awesome group buddy! Have you tried running any Facebook Ads to your page?

    How are you driving traffic currently?

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      I haven't tried Facebook Ads yet.
      My traffic currently has come from my existing customers and other groups.
      Will the Facebook Ads work? Besides it, do you have other solutions?
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    Hi Phoebe

    A giveaway lucky draw with paid ads are quite effective on Facebook and Instagram. I.e. run a paid ad offering something in return for 1. joining the group and 2. sharing on their page. You pick one or two winners at the end of the campaign. You would need to find something people would find valuable and related to your content to incentivse them to join.
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    Host some contest to give people incentive to share your page.

    You might also want to ask your other members to share the page but make sure you incentivize them first.

    Maybe you can post a none promotional Facebook ad about your group to get some additional traffic.
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    As long as your group is content is relevant, reaching 1k members should be quite easy. You can also make your group visibility public.
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    Do you have traffic and they aren't biting on your offer? Then provide a better product.

    Do you not have traffic? Increase your SEO/Marketing efforts
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    Is this a group or a page? I can tell you a trick if you are allowed to bump posts. This works for pages not sure about groups but if you create a blog and share it to your page and boost it what you can do is invite everyone who likes your post. I was able to invite thousands this way to my group it took me a while lol but it works as long as facebook approves your boost and you will have to pay like $5-$10

    Hope this helps.
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      yes, I created a page and posted via that page. It's linked to my FB group, so any time users visit my page can see and join that group.
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      I don't mind the money. I just wonder if your trick works with my page and group?
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