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Hey guys,

A friend told me this forum had a nice community. I wanted to introduce myself and begin trying to be a part of.

I'm 28 and for most of my life I always thought I was going to end up in IT. I never finished my degree due to personal issues. Surprisingly I have found myself in a marketing intern position and enjoying it tremendously. The company I work with is a non-profit with two thrift stores. As of recent we have been really working on our online presence and digital marketing.

Right now I manage the web design, some graphic design and I have set up a text message marketing/loyalty program which boosted our sales and online ratings significantly. An auction website is in the works for our higher value items that get donated.

Honestly...I am new to marketing and curious on your experiences. Do any of you have any tips/tricks/suggestions? Maybe courses or certs or books. I am open minded to this so please share your thoughts.

How was it for you when you were new to marketing?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    How are you working on your online presence? Have you started working on a blog?
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      Thanks for replying! For our online presence we have our websites, Google and Yelp pages. I also manage our Instagram and Facebook. Do you have any other suggestions?
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    I took a lot of licks along the way because I was impatient and over looked the basic concepts .

    Now I am not in a rush because I have to go through the process of learning and failing which will help me to be able to build measure and learn.

    Thanks to the internet or the library you can research and learn what ever you want and in this case that would be web design and graphic design.

    You might want to start a blog to help showcase and build awareness about the skillsets you posses .
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      A blog is a great idea. Do you have any courses/books/websites you would recommend that focus on marketing strategies/techniques? Thanks!
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    Welcome. I am new here also. I have found that reading through the posts on this forum is super helpful. There are a lot of wise veterans that are posting on WF with tons of nuggets.

    I would recommend starting to search for things you are dealing with here and seeing what others say. If you can't find it in the search, post a question here.
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    Thank you! I will start doing that.
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    Hi Zachary

    Welcome to the forum. It is nice to find a group of people to chat with that have common interests/goals. I wish you all the best on your journey. In addition to a blog are you actively building your email list?
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      Thanks for replying! We have a reasonably sized customer email database. I try to send out emails at least once a week. Usually informing the customers about new items in stock and sales/discounts that are currently happening. My biggest frustration with the emails though is I can't really tell how it reflects in our numbers. Do you have any ideas on how properly achieve this? Or perhaps you have just an overall better idea in mind? Thanks!
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        Hi Zachary

        Is your store online? This can be easily tracked with an app such as Klaviyo for Shopify stores?

        If your store is not online you could provide a unique discount code in your emails which they can redeem in store so you can track effective campaigns.
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          Hey Serene,

          Currently we are not an online store. I am working on a auction website similar to that of Goodwills and eventually expanding that into a full ecommerce website. Lot of trial and error right now with getting that up and running.

          That's a great idea with the discount code. I will try that on our next campaign. Thank you so much!
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            Sounds great Zachary. All the best getting the site up and running!
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    Welcome, Zachary. One WF thread you might also consider checking out is this one:

    Some very solid advice from some seasoned WF'ers and internet marketers in there (incl some great course recco's from the likes of Dan Kennedy and others.).

    One other question on your situation: how have your efforts managing / setting up your non profit's social media presence gone? Are you seeing good returns / feedback there? This is a valuable skill to build, and can also help generate traffic if done properly ... so would suggest making a real effort to study successful pages / images /copywriting there as well.
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      One general "maximizing WF" tip I'd add that you've already done a good job of is returning to your thread and following up where appropriate. Self-evident, but you get way more out of the forum this way. See a lot of new posters drop a questions and then vanish into the abyss, which is always perplexing.
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        Thanks Mathew! I definitely plan on checking back periodically and replying to my thread and others.

        Our IG and FB has a decent amount of followers (IG is over 700) and I do regularly post, receive comments, and reply to comments/feedback. Trying to truly see the traffic our social media generates to our stores that results in profit can be difficult though. Most of our customers are just passing by or hear of us by word of mouth.

        I see the potential in digital marketing, just not always sure what the next best step is.
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