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Hi all

I've been sending out free product samples for bloggers to review my products, to try to get our business name out there.

- I thought asking bloggers for a review would be fine, as long as I'm not asking for a link. I see google's exact words on link schemes include "Sending someone a free product in exchange for them writing it and including a link"
- I've also seen a Google article which seems to put the onus on bloggers to ensure the links are a no-follow and articles are marked as gifted

Do you think I am likely to be penalised for sending products out for review? The bloggers are linking back to me, but I'm not specifically asking for links, just a review.

I'm totally confused and worried that all the work i've done will actually negatively affect my website

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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    You are making a common mistake and since this is your first post it's worth mentioning.

    It doesn't matter what people here think - all that matters is how google sees what you are doing. If you are truly concerned that you may be 'too close to the line'....you need to address that.

    A forum can't answer for google or guarantee what you are doing is acceptable to google. I'm sure you realize that - but it's easy to relax if people post 'that's fine' or 'google won't mind that at all'... How do you know - as a new member here - who is posting from experience - and who isn't? Simple fact: no one here can affect what google's decision is or tell you what google's decision will be.

    You don't say how long you've been doing this. You also don't say if you have contacted a google help site or google ad forum and asked the question.
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    Originally Posted by Kennington71 View Post

    I'm totally confused and worried that all the work i've done will actually negatively affect my website
    Any advice greatly appreciated!
    First off you do not mention if you have a blogger site or a regular website.

    Some things that may help you -

    Link to Google Adwords terms of service - https://support.google.com/google-ad.../7501778?hl=en

    Blogger terms of Service - https://policies.google.com/u/0/terms?hl=en

    Also maybe the quickest way to get the right answer to your question - https://ads.google.com/home/?pli=1#!/ You can either call them or get in a live chat with them.

    As posted above most people here are not qualified to answer your question. They may send you down the wrong path unintentionally.

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    As far as my knowledge goes, people are actually working with influencers and bloggers to boost their business. As long as you and the other are following the SOPs set by Google you wont be penalized.
    Moreover, people are also opting out for proxy marketing to get fake reviews and testimonials.
    Product inclusion in blogs and getting reviews is not a crime. Many marketers are also indulged in affiliate marketing where they position the product bases on the commission they get. Now its up to the blogger/influencer to review your product for free or charge you a certain amount for that.
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