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Hi! I need some valuable career guidance (for my teenager child).
I would like to know the scope of online marketing as a carrier; not as an individual promoting his own products but as a marketing professional doing internet marketing for a reputed online company.
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    Not exactly what your asking. But going to Indeed these are some of the positions that pay well. - Then you can figure out what background is need to get hired.

    If your teen enjoys the work he has a great future ahead of them.

    Take a look at Coursera - They offer multiple courses in the field. Social Media Manage is one position that is not going away.
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      Good resource. I guess this depends on what your son thinks is interesting, and wish to follow. People doing something only to please others, tends to roll over when things get tough. With that said, I would definitely say marketing (SEO, social media etc.) if your son is out-going. Perhaps he would also like coding, and development if he likes building new solutions.
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    I think smm is a good start for a teenager, my son is studying JS, but he is great at interacting with the audience on social networks. He should like what he does and then everything will work out!
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  • Let your child start his YouTube channel. He can do videos on things he loves best.

    Just a smartphone can get him ready for free and with enough consistency... He can monetize his channel after some months.
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    Let your child start his YouTube channel. He can do videos on things he loves best.
    IMO too many parents are encouraging this...and exactly where does that lead as a 'career'? For a very few a short stint as an 'influenceer' for an extreme few the ability to showcase a special TALENT they have (music, etc) that could lead to a career.

    The goal of being 'famous on YouTube' is just like the dream of past generaitons who yearned to be a rock star or a professional athlete...and the odds are about the same.

    "Online marketing" can be a job with a major corporation or a startup - can be selling your own products or someone else's. There aren't limits to day that set 'internet marketing' apart as a separate entity.

    Anyone going into business needs to know something about online marketing. Instead of trying to find a direction to 'point' your teen - I'd advise serious and light discussions with your teen to find out WHAT engages him when it comes a workplace or a career. Then help him/her move in that direction online and/or offline.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      IMO too many parents are encouraging this...and exactly where does that lead as a 'career'? For a very few a short stint as an 'influenceer' for an extreme few the ability to showcase a special TALENT they have (music, etc) that could lead to a career.
      Being one of those parents that has made it mandatory for my son to stream and start building a youtube channel, maybe I can shed some light as to where this might lead...

      #1 All other commitments have to be done before any of this happens in a day.. IE school work and chores. The streaming he has set for a set schedule ( keyword there ) so again in order to do that, all of the other things have to be done first. A great tool up a parents sleeve to better cement the use of Time, and commitment to a set schedule.

      #2 Going deeper into the time scheduling thing.. videos have to go out 2 - 3 times a week, his daily streaming, he has to schedule video editing and all of those things into his schedule.

      #3 This has been a daddy is there if you need help project.. this has NOT been a daddy is there to do all of your editing etc. Needless to say he by necessity is becoming rather decent at video editing, and definitely understands much better how to set schedules for time intensive activities.

      #4 My son having the father that he does, has access to "Merch" as in made in house shirts and mugs and stickers etc... He has learned how to hire a graphic designer, budgeting, profit and loss etc etc. I think even more importantly he is learning the art of selling.

      #5 As things develop you have to start keeping track of your channels stats. Understanding how and what makes a good day vs a bad one. Understanding there is actually patterns to "Success" IE what game he is playing when streaming or his thumbnail or the banter in his video etc.

      I will say having the father that he does, I actually understand all of this stuff which makes the process of his learning much easier... But even with that I have been leaning more towards guiding him towards looking on the internet for answers.

      #6 and the above leads to probably the most important skill of all. Education does not end at 2:30 when school lets out. The internet is idly sitting there waiting to teach you anything you want or need to know. Self education is without question in my mind a key variable in success. As an example look at Bill Gates. Reads like there is no tomorrow, he is what many might hate to say but an expert on many many topics - well read and well educated.

      The long term effect of this exercise, is for me at least, not about fame but the development of a portfolio of work. A 12 year old with 100+ videos, 800 twitch followers, a merch line, and an ebay store, has to file taxes... Im sorry, but what has your kid done today? ( sorry )

      This time in his life, in terms of the rest of his life is "priceless". I was blessed to have parents ( actually my mother ) that saw the writing on the wall and got my first computer oh so many years ago ( like 40 years ago ) She gave me the tools, with my son not only does he have the tools he also has a parent that knows what to do with the tools. BUT look at where giving just the nudge took me in life.

      Things in this world are only going to get more digital, and the more versed our children are in the ACTUAL digital world, the better.
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        Thank you for sharing your experience. This is awesome. The internet has made the curriculum our kids are taught at school obsolete. It's a shame they are made to memorize and regurgitate information they can look up in minutes. What they should be taught is how to search for information, analyse and critically assess the information they find and how to learn on their own.

        Your child is lucky to have you guide him on this path.

        You are teaching him to become a producer rather than a consumer, which is much more than just technical skills, it's a mindset. Best case scenario he will never need to work for anyone else, you would have taught him everything he needs to earn a living online, worst case scenario he decides he'd rather do something else, he'll still have the skills he's learned (taxes, budgeting and work ethic to name a few)!
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    There is nothing wrong with your teenager
    doing internet marketing, but as a parent I
    would want him to learn and know how to
    do some of the basic fundamentals that he
    can use for the foreseeable future.

    Things like setting up websites, registering
    domains, WordPress, graphics design, and
    creating content whether it is in written form
    or scripts for videos, editing videos, etc.

    The first thing to do is get him some books
    on these topics. I think that he might take
    things more seriously if he reads books
    than by just watching YouTubes.

    I would give him deadlines in which to finish
    the books and reward him for providing me
    with a book report/summary, if people are
    even doing that anymore.

    There are several books written by young
    people that he might find interesting like
    the one by Dan Henry. He is fun to read.

    IMO doing some of these things will give
    him structure as opposed to him aimlessly
    trying to figure out what to do next. Also it
    is better for him to know how to do these
    things himself, that way he will never be
    dependent upon others for his income,
    he will be able to generate his own.
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    Hey there

    The scope is really broad. It could be anything from social media management for brands, ad creatives, ads management. Brand development etc.

    It is probably best to start with the basics (understanding the psychology of selling, writing effective copy). All the rest will be built on this.
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    A 12 year old with 100+ videos, 800 twitch followers, a merch line, and an ebay store, has to file taxes..
    Pretty cool ... love the 'teach him to fish' aspect of this.

    And agree with the above - hard to imagine him NOT becoming successful if he starts stacking key marketing skills (writing, selling, psychology, design, video creation + editing, etc) at that young an age ...
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    My advice for teenager is: learn, learn, learn. Read books, listen to audiobooks. Improve skills. Mindset is something noone can take away from you. Do something teenager love to do.

    When you do something you love, this is not work. They will be passionate about that. It's easier to go through difficult times when you love what you do.

    Hope this helps
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    I think SEO is the best platform to start a career for teenagers
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